Posted on 25th June, 2020

Change You Will Soon Notice on Google’s Image Search Results

Many a time we look for images on Google for various purposes but apart from the image dimension, page title and the URL link, we hardly get any other information about those images. As a result, sometimes when we click on those images for a clearer view, we are directed to the websites rather than showing us the original picture.

Such a thing is quite annoying, especially when we need those pictures for some serious purpose. And probably Google understood it. They are why they are soon going to replace the image size tags with icons, to reveal more details about the picture.

What to expect from those icons?

You can expect to get many details from those icons like if it is really going to show you more the bigger version of the image, to direct you to a website, going to sale any product or will show any video content. Initially, the write up will appear to be very small and might even get unnoticed, but the moment you roll over the icons, it will show you detailed information about the image.

Showing such detailed can really be helpful that too at a time when we have to skim through hundreds of images to find the perfect image and get our work done.

So, no more killing of precious time just to find the right visuals. Just focus on the icons to know more about the image that attracts you.

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