Posted on 18th July, 2022

International SEO Strategies- A Comprehensive Guide

To reach customers around the world, a business must enter the international market. However, reaching out to international audiences without an SEO-friendly website and effective international SEO strategies is quite a challenging task.

So, here we are discussing the most effective international SEO strategies to drive global traffic to your website and boost sales.

What is an international SEO strategy?

To optimize your website for users in various countries you must adhere to specific policies, procedures, and practices. The international SEO strategy is a combination of all these three components, helping businesses to generate traffic based on the location of business operations and the languages the business supports.

What are the benefits of an international SEO strategy?

Let’s now see what the advantages your website is going to get from international SEO strategies.

  • The leading SEO agency in India, Futuristic Bug uses global SEO techniques to create content for the regional market. Additionally, they must concentrate on developing a website structure that will enable search engines to locate and provide the proper web pages.
  • It is also crucial that your content is delivered to the appropriate audience at the right time.

Key considerations to make for international SEO strategy

You must be aware of some key facts before you start implementing an international SEO strategy to optimize your website for other countries.

The countries you are targeting:

You must be certain of the nation you will target before developing your international SEO methods. Your SEO tactics will vary based on the nations you choose. What do we mean exactly? Since each search engine has a unique approach to SEO, considering them when developing your SEO strategies is essential. Additionally, there are other search engines available, and the most popular search engine may vary by country. That’s why it is critical to decide exactly which countries you are going to target.

Language or country:

You must choose whether to focus on a specific language or nation. Choose language optimization if you want to reach a larger audience. However, you should use country-based SEO if you want to promote your brand within a specific region.

Can social media help:

Well, it doesn’t immediately affect your international SEO ranking. However, in the local market, it can be very beneficial for raising brand awareness.

Important steps to develop an international SEO strategy

Let’s now see how you can optimize your website for other countries with the following suggestions provided by the top SEO services provider in India, Futuristic Bug.

Decide your target market:

The first step to optimizing your website for other countries is deciding on the target market you are going to choose. You must have a clear view of who you are going to target, and how you will proceed.

International keyword research:

Keywords play a vital role while improving the visibility of your website in search engines. Therefore, your international SEO strategy also includes conducting international keyword research. Now the keywords that are helpful within your country may not be useful to find your website in other countries. So, you need to identify the perfect search terms that help boost your website’s search ranking for other countries.

International domain structure:

Another important point is to choose a suitable international domain structure. After all, it helps visitors find the content of your website seamlessly. You can think of creating a unique ccTLD(country code Top Level Domain) for every country where you are going to offer your products and services. You can choose gTLD(A generic-Top Level Domain) to help you get rid of restrictions based on regions. Most importantly, be it ccTLD or gTLD choose to create a subdomain for your website. Subdirectories are also important to change the location of the country code.

Optimize content:

As you are going to optimize your website for other countries you need to optimize your content also. So, it has to be optimized according to your target region and also the local language. So, check carefully all the TLDs, content assets, and also translation. This is important to ensure that all of these are aligned with local expectations.

Use native language:

You need to do complete research work to ensure that you are speaking in the native language. So, all answers should be provided in that language only when you are targeting the international market. This is certainly an impactful international SEO strategy that can help your website to rule the international market.

The proper translation of content:

When you want to engage the audience of other countries you need to work on your translation work. So, make sure you are going to use the right words and phrases while translating the original content. Another important point to note here is you need to translate the content without making any changes to the actual meaning.

User experience:

Now your international SEO strategy must include providing an excellent user experience to the users. After all, users of any other region must not face any difficulty while navigating or taking any actions on your website.

Consider whether to hire an agency:

When it comes to entering the international market it requires help from experts. Certainly, you can work on this on your own but to get the best results an SEO expert who’s skilled in an international SEO strategy can certainly be of great help. Most importantly, the agency can also help to make modifications in case you face any issues with your website’s visibility. The purpose of SEO strategies is to help drive organic traffic and targeting an international market may not be so easy. So, you can certainly think of taking help from experts.


Optimizing your website for other countries may seem difficult, but with proper planning, you can manage everything. By considering the suggestions that we have mentioned here, you can certainly help take your business to a new height.

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