Posted on 7th February, 2019

Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

“Stand out of the crowd by following the guidelines”

In this competitive era, almost all companies are willing to establish their presence over the internet, building websites and interactive features to grab the attention of the viewers. Some are successful and some are not. The reason behind being unsuccessful is, not being able to create their visibility among the browsers. Many, developers are searching for shortcuts to improve their visibility and the truth is that there is no such shortcut.

Improving your website visibility is a time- consuming process and one must hold on to be successful. Now, the question that arise is how long does one need to hold patience, to improve the visibility over the internet?

I know it is quite frustrating, but because of the tough competition, one needs to take care even of minute detail to become successful. Below are some ways, to help your website gain popularity and come among the top search results-

Quality Matters-

Audience will peep into the website only if they find the contents to be relevant. Contents alone also can’t help. Each web-page contents must also hold keyword phrases, so that it can be identified by the web spider very easily and one should always remember to highlight those important phrases and put emphasis on using tags. Although,overuse of tags is not going to help you. You must carry your effective write-ups, emphasizing more on the key phrases.

Regular updates-

Updating your contents on the webpage might be fruitful and it becomes easier for search engines to find out your website along with the latest buzz. It makes your website more relevant.

Make your website mobile friendly-

Nowadays most of the users make use of smartphones to search for any information. You must make sure your mobile phone is user-friendly, so that search engine can find out your webpage with decrease in loading time.

Improve the speed-

You can improve the loading speed of both the laptop and the desktop by constantly monitoring it. You can reduce the file size by compressing the images and fitting it to the space dedicated for that particular image. You must also make sure that the browser catching is enabled. It can be done by adding .htaccess file with the web server. So, that when the user directs to a new page the resources are not loaded once more. Also, if possible must delete the extra comments for increasing the speed and to merge all the scripts into a single one, for loading the entire script at a single go.

Work on the links-

Links are also an important part that decide the success rate of your website. Many a times website owners overlook the broken links, fixing which can give the browser a user-friendly experience. Also, links must carry description rather than just “click here” option to improve search engine optimization. It also adds much more value not only to the readers but also those with disabilities, using screen readers.

Use alternative text description-

The developer must not forget to use alternative text description for every images and videos which also helps the SEO to locate the page and at the same time helps the people with disabilities to understand it better.

Use brief and catchy headings-

Meta description plays an important role in Click through Rate (CTR), which also helps in increasing the website traffics. Search engines might not use your Meta description, still, you must make sure that the description you use are unique and out of box.

These are the few tips which you can follow to find your website at the top among other websites.

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