Posted on 8th March, 2019

How to regain customers’ trust, once you lose them?

Customer is the backbone of any business. You cannot let them down.

Human being has a tendency of buying things where they have full trust. When a customer purchase your product that means they have complete faith in it and at the same time it becomes your responsibility to provide all the necessary services that were promised at the time of sales.

Research says, happy customers have the tendency of coming back again and again and not only that their feedback brings other new customers, who are also interested in buying a similar kind of product. Sometimes, in spite of trying hard business is not able to fulfill the promises that were made at the time of sale. A small mistake can break the trust of your customer. Although this is unfortunate it happens many a time.

As a businessman you cannot sit back and lose all your hopes nor can you be confident about things to be normal once again. You need to work on certain areas which can help you to regain your customer’s trust.

Being business personnel if you lose your customer, first you need to ask yourself the reasons behind losing them. Despite all of your efforts and good intentions why was your customer not happy with your service? certain reasons might be there-

Either product was not as per their expectation,

Your customer didn’t receive the services you promised to lend, or

You promised beyond your capacity.

When a customer loses the trust, the sale of product automatically goes down. This is because once they are unsatisfied, their negative feedback will also prevent other customers from purchasing similar product from same merchant. Thus, sale of goods will come down and so is the profit.

But what’s next if any such unfortunate thing happens? Business cannot sit idle. It is the duty of the business owner to win the customer’s trust once again. Again the question arises how?

If you want to win back your customer below are the followings, how you can do that?

Understand the problem first- sometimes the customer comes back and complains about the product or service but most of the time customers stop buying products and give negative feedback to other peers. This hits the sells target of your business. If the customer comes back then it is actually very easy to solve the matter but what if the customer doesn’t turn up and stops buying anything from you. You will not have any idea but your reputation will go down.

So, in order to avoid such situation, it is important for any organization to conduct market surveys, getting customer feedback which can help them to understand their customer and their demands better. Once they are well- informed about their customer’s demand they can easily work accordingly, which can lead them towards their goal.

Also, it is necessary to recognize the old inactive customer and get their feedback, irrespective of the things you are selling. This can also pave the way of regaining their trust.

Accept your mistake- Accepting mistake never lets anybody down, rather it helps in bridging any gap. Once you understand the problem, it is necessary to accept the fact. The sooner you accept that the quicker you will be able to earn back your reputation. Since customer is the pillar of your business, you cannot let them down. This can also stop them from giving negative feedback to other peers. Thus, it will have less negative impact on other customers.

Provide immediate action- Only accepting mistake or agreeing to the fact is not going to revamp your customer. Every customer is different and so is their demand. Thus, every customer demands resolution to their problem. Suppose, if they receive any damaged product then it is necessary to replace it and provide a new one. In case any service is pending from the part of business, then it is important to finish the work.

Offer them incentives- Only fixing the problem might not help any business to regain the trust of its customers completely. You must offer them any gift or incentive which might make them realize the true values they hold. They will surely appreciate this gesture of yours. When you offer those discounts and gift coupons they further utilize it in buying other products from you. Thus, this can in turn help to bridge the gap between you and your customers.

Also, it has to be noted that every customer is different. Some customers might not come back again to purchase your product but you should not lose hope. But a well-planned strategy is always beneficial in attracting back your annoyed customers.

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