Posted on 9th February, 2021

How to Leverage the power of Cloud-based designing tool Figma?

Figma is a powerful tool that aids in web designing by collaborating team members. Because of its superb features and functionalities It not only speeds up the designing process but also helps designers to work more efficiently.

In this blog the experts of Futuristic Bug have compiled a list of tips and tricks to boost your workflow while working with one of the best logo design tools.

1.Importing multiple images at the same time
This trick will help you in making the process of changing single and multiple images more simple.
In Figma, the shortcut for importing multiple images is Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+K. You can then place each of them in layers in which you want them to appear. Your images will be imported and placed in real-time.

2.Better Renaming Options by making use of the Layers Batch Rename Feature
In Figma, you can batch rename layers and frames. This is a very useful feature where you can rename the entire name of the layer or just a portion of it. This feature helps in finding and renaming a specific character in a layer name. This feature helps in adding a different number to each layer that will afterward be exported as a separate file. This feature also helps you in searching and replacing by just typing in the “Match” field.

3.Using an emoji in the frame name to display its current status of work
This feature helps you in getting to know the current status of the work of a frame or screen just by looking at it. This is made possible by adding an emoji using the Windows shortcut: Win key+. Or Win key+;/Mac shortcut: Cmd+Ctrl+Space in front of the frame name so that everyone will know the status of work by taking a gander at it.

4.Re-organizing Items
The best feature that Figma boasts is the ability to reorganize items inside a frame.

5.Text Styles naming
This feature helps in organizing your text styles in subcategories by adding a “/”. For instance, if you want all of your headings to appear under the same subcategory of “Heading” you have to add a “Heading” and “/”. This feature also works for texts and colors.

6.Adding a Description for each Style
It can be very useful to know where to use different components by the addition of a quick description of how to use the style and where to use it. This is especially helpful for a team of designers. This feature helps you in adding a description while editing the text style, color style, or any components.

7.How to Switch Instance from the Sidebar
This feature helps you in switching instances from the sidebar by dragging the component by holding Alt+Ctrl/Cmd, thereby, making the process easier and faster.

8.How to Copy/Paste all Properties
This feature helps you in duplicating an element. This is made possible by using the shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+C for Copy and Ctrl/Cmd+V for Paste. It is useful for images and styling elements with multiple properties.

9.How to Copy/Paste a single Property
This feature helps you in duplicating a single property. This is made possible by selecting the single property and the use of the shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+C for Copy and Ctrl/Cmd+V for Paste. This feature is very handy when working with images.

10.Search for Elements with the same Properties
This feature gives you the ability to tidy up your design system when you have a complex design file. This is made possible by searching for elements with the same property,i.e., a specific color, and then changing the color to a Color Style. Thereby, helping you in settling down with your design system and better organizing your components.

11.Using the Scale tool to resize objects and their properties
This feature in Figma helps you in scaling an element and its properties using the Scale tool (K). You don’t have to select the size of the object, this makes it easier to work with than Sketch. You will be able to resize the dimensions of the object and its properties proportionally using the Scale tool. And if you hold the Shift button, you will be able to maintain the ratio while expanding or downsizing the object.

12.Resizing a frame without resizing the layers inside it
If you want to design for different resolutions then you should use this feature. All you have to do is hold Ctrl/Cmd while performing the resize operation. It sure works like a charm!

13.Create Graphs/Arcs in seconds
In Figma, you can create graphs/arcs in seconds, literally speaking!
You don’t need to cut paths on a circle to create a custom graph. All of this can be controlled by adding precise values from the Properties panel on the right side of the interface.

14.Changing Spacing on the fly
You will love this feature where you can change the spacing for a group of elements very easily. You will be able to layout a group of elements around your screen with this feature.

15.Component Keywords for easy search
It is quite difficult to manage when you have a lot of components and you want to find a specific component in your library. The use of Component Keywords makes this process easier. This feature helps you in adding keywords to any component even if the name of the component is different you will be able to find it easily using the assigned component keyword.

Bonus Tip: Figma Plug-ins
Figma rolled out their new plug-ins feature which helps in building custom plug-ins to suit the tailored workflows of the user.

Some of the best plug-ins that you can use are given below.

a. Content Reel
b. Unsplash
c. Stark
d. Image Palette
e. Google Sheet sync.

All of these aforementioned tips and tricks will allow you to kickstart your web designing spree, and boost your web designing arsenal. And if you are looking for logo design tools and services, hire an expert like us. We are Futuristic Bug, the leading logo and web design company based in India, serving global clientele. Thank You!

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