Posted on 2nd May, 2022

How to Build a Web Application: A step-by-step Guide

In today’s competitive market, staying in touch with your clients is paramount to offering better services. So building an impactful web application is essential. Web applications offer several benefits to online businesses, from providing convenience for the end-user to boosting sales.

In this article, we have attempted to include every relevant detail which you need to know to build a web application from the ground up. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step process of web application development.

Web application: in a nutshell

A web application, aka web app, is application software that operates on a web browser. Web apps make use of a combination of server-side scripts to acquire information and manage storage. JavaScript and HTML are used to deliver information to users. Web applications make it easier for a company to communicate with its customers through content management systems, online forms, etc. In the case of an e-commerce website the users interact through the shopping carts.

Advantages of a web app

  • When there is no compatibility issue with the browser a web app can operate on various platforms.
  • It is free from the hassles of installations.
  • It is simple to use across a variety of devices.
  • Cost savings are feasible because a web app does not require much support or maintenance.

Points to keep in mind at the pre-development stage of your web app

Let’s share a few helpful tips before embarking on the step-by-step process of developing a web app. To develop a high-quality web app for your business you need to find answers to a few key questions. The pre-development phase is all about finding answers to such questions. These questions will help you develop a proper understanding of web app development. Also, it will help you find the right web application development company. So, take a look at the following points regarding web app development.

The right type of web app tailor-made for your business:

What kind of service do you provide? You can get to know the exact web app that you need for your organization based on these questions. For example, streaming platforms and entertainment sites rely mainly on static web pages or single-page web apps. A dynamic web app is appropriate for IT sectors, social media, and even retail businesses. For your online store, an e-commerce web app is ideal.

Is coding necessary for developing web apps:

Yes, web apps may be created without any prior coding experience. A web app may now be developed using a variety of web app development tools. However, without coding, you will not be able to create a high-end customized web app. So, professional assistance will be required.

What are the technologies required for web app development:

You must be well aware of the exact technology required for the development of your website. For example, you need HTML or CSS to construct the front end of your website and for back-end technologies PHP or Python is necessary.

How to develop a web application?

Web application development is indeed a long process. To simplify the complicated process, we have highlighted the most important steps for you that you must know.

Knowing your target market:

Who will benefit from the web application if it is developed? Try to find an answer to this question. Why? This will aid in the identification of your target market. Otherwise, it would become really difficult to convince the usefulness of your web app. This type of research allows you to learn a lot about your competitors as well.

Plan the must-have features of the web application:

Plan out the features you will add to the web application. Thus, you can plan the features you need to add and also exclude those that are not needed. This way, you can plan to develop a feature-rich web application.

Be careful while designing UI and UX:

A leading web application development services provider always recommends that mapping each step of the user journey is crucial. This allows you to quickly grasp the difficulties users may encounter while using the web app. You will certainly find the finest UX design for your customers in this manner. Most importantly, pick a design that is both appealing and simple.

The development stage of your web app:

For this step, you’ll need to know how to create the app’s front end, or client-side, as well as the back end, or server-side. HTML, Javascript, CSS, and other frameworks are essential for front-end development. The development of the back end is vast. It necessitates a large number of frameworks. Some well-known examples are Node.js, Swift, and Flutter. Most importantly, the integration of the front end with the back-end API is a critical phase that must be carefully handled.

Quality checking before launching:

Before launching the web app, make sure it is completely error-free and useful to the end-users. As a result, quality checking is critical. You may simply identify and fix any faults during this stage. This way, you can ensure the web application’s effectiveness.

Launching the web app:

When you are all set to launch the web app Application hosting is crucial. It makes the web app available via the cloud. Deploying your web app is the final step in the process of launching it. This describes how your web application moves from source control to your cloud hosting. . For deploying the web app to cloud hosting, tools like GitLab and Jenkins are useful. However, with the assistance of professionals, you may effectively accomplish this critical stage of web app development.


Your business’s success is determined by the quality of services you deliver to your customers. So, developing a web application is a must if you want to bridge the gap between you and your potential clients online. Although web application development is a lengthy process, it is not overly difficult, if you focus on each phase. For assistance, you can always reach out to the expert web application developers of top companies like Futuristic Bug and make your business reach new heights.

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