Posted on 19th January, 2021

How is AI technology reforming pedagogy?

The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has brought a substantial change in the lives of people, where we are profoundly dependent on technology for completing simple chores. Even it has taken a deep dive into the education system, where the schools and colleges are bound to replace traditional learning with e-learning, typically piloted through Artificial Intelligence.

Though many people still believe that education received within the classroom environment is far more advantageous as students get the chance to listen to lectures, participate in various classroom activities and communicate well with their peers.

But again, traditional education has flaws too, which are seemingly taken over by online classes. And for that, we should be thankful to artificial intelligence for underpinning the education system.

Use of AI technology has completely changed the concept of learning. By offering customized and engaging content, AI has improved the literacy rate by 86%. Moreover, it has also been successful in providing useful learning materials through various smart devices.

Research says the use of AI in the education system will increase significantly by another 50% in the next couple of years, generating a good deal of revenues for the tech giants as well.

Let’s take a look at how AI is integrating with the education framework for betterment.

Offers quality education- No wonder world wide web has been successful in presenting information of any kind to the students of the digital era. But those are either the derivative version of the study materials that they find in the textbook or are not pertinent to the topic they are searching for.

But AI has been successful in offering the most valuable content, bridging the gap between a teacher and student by holding more interactive and engaging sessions.

Enhances skills- The educational tools that are built, using AI technology, have been successful in giving a new learning experience to the students of modern time. In fact the technique of teaching has changed to a large extend, making it easier for the teachers to explain topics explicitly, improving the standard of learning.

Personalized learning experience- Even if the technique of teaching has changed, the priority of the teachers have always remained unchanged. And that is to get the concept of their students’ right.

The implication of Artificial Intelligence has made things easier for them. Teachers are not only able to interact directly with their students, but they have also been successful in inspiring them, motivating them and recognizing their skills, with a more personalized learning experience.

Smart Content- To improve the academic scorecard of a student, it is crucial to provide them with the relevant content that must be engaging at the same time to grab their attention.
AI has been successful in providing smart content to the students, which includes various video clippings, digitalized textbooks, lectures, presentations, practise papers and many more to chisel their skills and make a successful career in the future.

Can be accessed globally – Location, language or illness should not be a barrier, especially when it comes to educating ourselves.

The advent of AI technology in the education world has made it possible for every student, even those with disabilities, to continue their studies from anywhere and everywhere at their convenient time, restructuring the education framework.

Final Thoughts
AI has already started blazing its power in transforming human life and more importantly, the education platform. Already schools and college- goers have been experiencing the advantage of this technology. Of course, their screen time have increased, which in itself is a disadvantage, but, AI has been successful in delivering more methodical learning experience, helping students to discover their areas of interest and choosing the right career for a bright future.

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