Posted on 4th June, 2020

How Honey can change the interface of your iPhone?

The operating system of Apple watch is very much similar to that of the iOS operating system obviously with a different interface. So if you want a similar interface for your iPhone and iPad get the Jailbreak app today.
iOS developers introduce a new app called Jailbreak App so that you can carry forward the fun you are having on Apple watch to your iPad or iPhone.

If you are planning to configure the screen on your phone then you can try doing it several ways. Honey, the newly launches Jailbreak app has been developed by Blake Boxberger, an iOS developer allows you to run this app if you have iOS 11 or iOS 12 version.

But there is a problem attached to it. It is not fully secured as a result chances of getting hacked are pretty high. Hackers who are trying to hack the Apple OS might use Jailbreak app to establish their own app. So you can imagine how risky it can be for your iPhone.

However, the group developing this particular app are quite helpful and will alert you beforehand in case they find any possible threat.

Although Apple appreciates the developer for building such app as it helps them in a way to identify the loopholes in OS but strictly discourages to download such app.

But if you download Honey you can get astonishing user experience. You can avail some of the amazing features you Apple Watch have like- a simple swipe will let you access all the apps, get the fluid animation you enjoy on your Apple watch, blur different backgrounds, reveal or hide the native application, experience beautiful themes, notifications, toggle switches and so on.

If you wish to avail Honey then you need to purchase it. Again once you install it you won’t be able to uninstall it at least for the time being. So better think twice before you purchase it.

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