Posted on 22nd October, 2018

How Can Responsive Web Design Impact Your Business?

Websites serve as a reliable source of information in today’s Internet-savvy world. Imagine a website that fails to provide you with the information that you have been on a lookout for. Or, a website that looks great but cannot load properly. Your audiences would immediately leave your website with a bitter experience about your brand! You should take your website’s functionalities into consideration, especially when you are looking forward to tapping into your intended mobile audiences. As the modern viewers don’t want to compromise on their browsing experience of a website, it’s essential that you incorporate mobile adaptability and responsive features in your site. The whole point of opting for responsive web design services is to provide your audiences with a seamless browsing experience across different devices like computers, tablets, smartphone, and the likes. Below are some of the benefits that you can procure from a responsive website. Read to know more –

Better user-experience:-

A responsive website is known to provide the users with a better user-experience. One of the prime factors indicating the quality of your website’s user-experience is the amount of time you invest in your site. If they find it difficult to use or navigate it because they are compelled to continually zoom or pinch it, they will abandon your website in a moment. This is where responsive web design comes into play. When your website would be able to respond to different screen sizes, it will be easier for your audiences to browse through your website with a greater ease. Resultantly, your audiences will obtain a lot better user-experience while checking out your website.

A hike in mobile traffic:-

Even the recent statistics have stated that over the past few years, almost 50% of all the global traffics have hailed from different mobile devices. Surprisingly, it accounts for the half of Internet traffic and thus shows you that your brand would fall flat on its face if it’s not getting promoted by a responsive website. Begin your stint by investigating how many of your audiences are using mobile devices and how much time they are spending on your website. The next step would be to incorporate responsive design and make a comparison between the two numbers. Once your site will successfully adapt to the viewport width, you will find a discernible hike in the mobile visits and comparatively longer time span spent by your mobile users.

Easy to maintain:-

It’s needless to say that a responsive website is extremely easy to maintain. To find a justification of this statement, you might make a little experimentation. Get two versions of your website – a responsive site and a non-responsive site. In case of a responsive website, your visitors can spend a very shorter time span in maintaining the tasks and focusing on the crucial elements like marketing, etc. When you will have two different versions of a website, you must keep a close track of two sets of website analytics to know exactly where from your audiences are hailing from. Also, see how they are interacting with your web content. In case of responsive web design, your website would be simplified as you will be staying atop of a single set of data.

Faster loading time:-

The responsive websites are more likely to load faster across different mobile devices, especially on tablets and smartphones. Thanks a barrel to the fluid grids and responsive images, it will take a lot less time for your web page to load. This will have a strong impact on the duration of your audiences’ visit. As per the recent research, almost 53% of the mobile visitors will be likely to abandon a website that takes longer than three-four seconds to load. If you want your audiences to stick to your website or keep coming back to it, you must opt for responsive web design.

An improved SEO experience:-

The search engine is intended to return results, which consider an impressive user-experience. The mobile-friendly search results can always stand out in the overall ranking. Majority of the users are more likely to switch to another site if they happen to come across a website that does not perform impeccably on different handheld devices.

Maximize visibility in search engines:-

Responsive Design means that you can manage a single website with a single set of hypertext links thus decreasing the time spent maintaining your website. It will enable you to pay a focus on link outreach with a consolidated SEO strategy. The search engine campaigns could be consuming a lot of time and money. By producing a responsive website, all of your attempts could be emphasizing on a single site along with the unified strategies and tactics across the handheld devices.

Reach out to your audiences:-

In today’s world, almost half of the world’s entire population is active on the Internet today. And, a majority of them rely on their smartphones and other handheld gadgets to meet even the smallest of their needs. Amid this scenario, if your website lacks mobile adaptability, your audiences won’t be able to browse through it through their cell phones or other devices. Reason enough to narrow down responsive web design.

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