Posted on 23rd November, 2020

Google Underpins India’s Education for Better e-Learning Experience

No wonder India has some of the brilliant scientists, engineers and doctors, yet some children are yearning for knowledge, especially the underprivileged ones. Here is how Google is abetting them.

Already, the free digital platforms of Google- Google Meet and Google Classroom, are helping the majority of the educational institutions in the country to continue giving education to the students, especially during this lockdown situation, when all the institutions are closed because of the spread of Covid-19.

And now, the company has teamed up with CBSE, a government board offering education to both public and private schools in India, to continue delivering “blended learning” to the students of approximately 20,000 schools. Apart from this, Google has also announced to invest $10 billion in India, so that in another five to seven years more than 1 million teachers can use the different educational tools of Google efficiently to deliver education.

Google finds three significant challenges faced by the teachers in India while delivering online education. They are-

1. Standard of digital content in diverse Indian Languages
2. Teacher’s keenness on using digital platforms
3. Availability of internet and devices to continue using the platform.

Those are also the reasons why Google is thinking of other alternative ideas with which they can reach out even to those students who don’t access to internet like televisions and radios.

Also, the company has approved $1 million to KEF (Kaivalya Education Foundation) which is a foundation that works mostly for the underprivileged children to support their education. The fund provided by Google will be utilized for training 70,000 teachers who can impart knowledge to the underprivileged students online using Google tools.

Indeed it is a noble initiative taken by Google to support the Indian education system and also provide further opportunities to the underprivileged children so that they can continue their studies without any hindrances.

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