Posted on 7th February, 2019

Some Interesting Features of Google Map that can Excite You

Here are some facts how Google Map can make your life interesting.

In the coming months all you will see new interesting features in Google Map app that will surely make you happy.

Visual Positioning system- GPS has always been popular with people who are new to any place. With the introduction of Video Positioning System that is the combination of camera with the capability to view the street, any visitor will get a clear picture of the road and the direction towards their destination. So, not to worry anymore if you are new to any place and the best part is that you don’t need to wear any Augmented Reality headset.

Sharing location- if you have a plan to hang up with your friends you can always share your location with them, so that they can catch you at the right destination.

Road traffic- Your Google map can inform you about any road traffic if you are planning to visit any particular place using that specific route. This way you can avoid that particular route and go to the desired destination taking any other route.

“For you” tab- You can always stay updated with the latest happenings in your locality, just by pressing the “For You” tab. So there are less chances of missing any events around you.

Virtual Assistant- if the “for you” tab doesn’t excite you, then the “explore” tab will definitely do that. It has got amazing features which leverage the power of Artificial intelligence. It will give you a complete foodie list, trending list or event list whatever you want.

Speed trap– Drivers using Google Map for viewing the road direction will also able to view the speed limit at which they are driving the car, in the bottom left side of the app. It will also provide a voice warning for those drivers who are about to fall under speed trap. This will surely help them to avoid the speeding ticket.

Get personalized review- if you are planning to visit any place or restaurant then you can select “Your Match” in Google Map, to get reviews from those who have already visited that particular place. This will help you to get a clear picture and decide accordingly.

Thus, we can see Google Map is there to help us in every possible way. What we need to do is, just download the application in our mobile phone to and take the most advantage out of it.

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