Posted on 18th October, 2019

Get yourself clicked by digital Dali at The Dali Museum

The programme has been designed using machine learning and Deepfake technologies in such a way that Mr Dali can communicate you with many things right from greeting you to taking selfies with the visitors.

Can you ever imagine yourself taking selfies with a digitally resurrected icon who has passed away a long time back? Are you saying No? Well, the answer is yes for some, at least for the visitors of The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Visitors, there will now be welcomed by a digitally revived replica of Salvador Dali.

The project is exclusively called Dali Lives, to mark the 115th birth anniversary of the legendary surrealist Salvador Dali. Training this digitally created replica of Dali was not an easy task. After analysing hundreds of Dali’s interview using an AI algorithm the physical movement of the actor was learnt. Then using Deepfake technology Dali’s face was constructed artificially and was placed on the actor’s body.

To give it a real touch, voice-over was recorded with all the quotes written by Dali or given by him in any interviews. Thus, it helped in the creation of more than 100 exclusive clips featuring everything about the artist starting from discussing his personal life to talking about the weather.

If you are planning to visit the museum then you can expect Dali Lives at three different location- at the entrance for welcoming the visitors, for presenting a goodbye selfie and at the gift shop during final exit from the museum. Initially, you can notice him on the giant video screen and with the press of a button, he will mystically appear in front of you.

This new technology can not only help you to explore his incomparable collection of works but also let you have an idea about his giant personality.

We have entered an era where technological evolution can help us to create most of the things. Digitally resurrecting any icon and imitating them has become pretty easy. So, even if someone passed away a long time back building replicas is quite an easy process. Probably this is the reason why Robin Williams before his death filed an unusual deed for not using his image and likings after he dies.

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