Posted on 22nd June, 2021

Get your personalized Cloud server from Microsoft Azure

Here is some good news for those who were dreaming to have their own cloud server from Microsoft. Microsoft Azure has fulfilled their wish.

Finally, you can have your own Cloud Server introduced by Microsoft which you don’t need to share with anybody else. Microsoft has launched its new Azure dedicated hosts which is an extension of the Azure cloud platform where you can run your computer on a bare-metal server, which means the server will be dedicated to you entirely.

This is a major step taken by following Amazon. Amazon Web Services also has dedicated hosts whose functionality is quite similar to what Microsoft’s Azure is offering now. Google also has something very similar called “sole-tenant nodes”.

Whether your organizations are using Linux, Windows or even SQL server it doesn’t matter. You need to pay individually for each of the virtual machines you will be using.

Azure dedicated hosts will be working as per your company’s requirements providing physical security, data integrity and also constantly monitoring its performance. Although the dedicated server will be sharing the infrastructure with other hosts user will be controlling it fully and in case anything impacts your server you can repair that too.

Also, if you have any plan to put the dedicated group within a larger server group in a given space to form a cluster of your personal physical servers then you are free to do that as well. Again since you will be hiring the physical machine, you might be facing hardware related problem which might have an impact on your virtual machine too. This is the reason why you need to maintain numerous dedicated hosts so that if one dedicated server fails you can start using the other one.

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