Posted on 23rd November, 2020

Get a Virtual Background When Conducting Meeting on Webex

You might have experienced it on some other platforms, but this is for the first time Cisco is up with a feature, allowing Webex users to mask the background if needed, as they proceed further making video calls.

In recent times, with the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus, the use of video conferencing apps and software has increased drastically. Several video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Teams and Zoom have gained overnight popularity, as most of the study institutions and office employees are carrying on their job from home using those technologies.

As we start discussing video conferencing, the concept of masking the background with a virtual image is not a new one, as other apps already allow its users to change the displayed background with customized images. But for Cisco’s Webex users, it is indeed going to be a new experience.

Webex a videoconferencing software was acquired by Cisco in the year 2007. However, this software is most popular among office goers, as they are the ones who use it to carry on their everyday meetings even from any remote locations.

Just like other videoconferencing apps, Webex users enjoyed all other features, except setting up of virtual backgrounds. But the recent development made by the company will allow its users to shroud the original backdrop magically, with virtual one charted from beforehand.

So next time when you are conducting any meeting through Webex, you don’t need to think much of your surroundings. You can easily blur the existing one and replace it with a virtual background as and when necessary.

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