Posted on 19th November, 2020

Get Hands-Free Control Over Amazon-Owned Alexa

Want to listen to music or know today’s weather report? Why don’t you ask Alexa for it, but this time interact only using your voice.

Amazon-owned Alexa allows hands-free control of it across all the available devices, except for smartphones, where users have to press the Alexa button to process their request. But finally, there is good news for smartphone users.

Alexa is soon going to release an updated version for both iOS and Android users, where users will be allowed to control it just by using their voice.

As a user, you no longer need to engage your hands the next time you request anything to Alexa. The way you interact with Amazon Echo for playing music or keep a check on your smart home, the same way you will be interacting with Alexa on your smartphone. Every time you open the app and pronounce the wake-up word, Alexa will be there to process your request.

To enjoy hands-free control of Alexa, you must update the app once more on your phone. You will receive an option to enable hands- free mode. In case you wish to disable that feature, you can do that anytime through a new setting.

Just make sure, each time you interact with Alexa using the app, you didn’t forget to unlock your phone. Happy Reading!

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