Posted on 15th October, 2019

Find out why your Phone battery is draining so soon.

Few tips only for you to revamp your phone battery life.

In spite of having the most expensive phone with high-end features, your phone’s battery drains too early. But never suspect the efficiency of the phone for that. First, you must understand why is your phone’s battery draining so early? There might be several factors behind it. It might be because of the brightness of the screen which is always high, it might be because of the processor which is running so fast or it might be because of other back end application. So, it can be anything which you are not aware of. This is the reason why people these days are relying more on portable batteries. It is always possible to improve your phone’s battery life following certain tricks.

Avoid using Mobile data: Persistent use of mobile data drains your battery fast. This is because it requires power for transmitting waves to the nearest tower and again for receiving data. Whereas, battery consumption of Wi-Fi is quite less compared to mobile data. So, it’s better if you continue using Wi-Fi wherever it is available. Also, don’t forget to make the most use of Airplane Mode. Enabling the Airplane Mode can help you to disable the network features also switch on the available Wi-Fi, which again will restrict the incoming calls and other SMS text services.

Disable location tracking feature: It is true that some of the `features like Bluetooth and location services are very useful but at the same time, it is one of the important factors why our phone is consuming more power. Since the location is constantly updated it drains the battery early. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Take advantage of such features only when you really need it.

The same policy has to be applied while using voice assistant as well. Use it only when required. You will notice the difference invariably.

Adjust the brightness of your phone: the amazing picture resolution with plentiful pixels makes your smartphone looks the best. But what you are completely unaware is that the higher the brightness the more power your phone is consuming. So it’s better to adjust the brightness accordingly which will not only give rest to your eyesight but at the same time save more power.

Avoid enabling the auto-brightness feature as that would make the adjustment automatically according to the surrounding lights and sometimes the brightness increases more than actually required. There is another setting available within the display feature which gives you a reminder to choose a time limit for how long you want the display light to be on. Also, once you go to the notification settings, if you disable the notification alert then each time your phone receives a new one, the light will remain off.

Disable the auto-update feature: Browsing website through mobile phone has made our net surfing journey quite comfortable. Moreover, the developers are also working quite hard to make sure the apps are running smoothly. With auto-update facility, whenever any new feature is introduced it automatically gets updated, which you might not want to use at that particular point. But it will consume your phone’s battery. So, this auto-update feature might not be a great idea if you want to save your mobile battery.

Put the vibrator off- Each time any new notification or alert messages are send your phone starts vibrating. You must go to the settings and turn off the vibration mode. This is because each time it rings and vibrates its internal motor triggers and the phone ends up consuming more battery.

These are the pretty cool tricks that can help you to save your phone’s battery consumption, especially when you are travelling for long hours and forgot carrying the charger with you.

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