Posted on 11th August, 2020

Find how Google Currents is different from Google+?

Do you want your employees to get engaged for a more persuasive discussion? So, here Google introduces the newest social networking site, Google Current for enterprise users.

Google has always been passionate about exploring innovate ideas and introducing something meaningful. So, the launch of Google Currents can never be an exception to this fact.

Very recently Google introduced Currents, an enterprise based social networking platform, replacing Google +. However, you must not confuse it with the Google Currents App, which was a magazine app that existed a long time back in Google Play Newsstand.

According to Google, Currents is rather a tool to engross employees in a swaying discussion. Though it is somewhat similar to Google +, yet very different both in design and purpose. To give a fresher look, Google has included a home page where the earlier post will be visible to the users either chronologically or according to relevance. Its activity will be very similar to Microsoft’s Yammer or Facebook’s Workplace.

If users want they can easily transfer files from Google Drive cloud storage and share it with others through Google Currents Feed. And the company’s IT department can always closely monitor the content to abolish iniquity.

Google Current is designed as a company’s internal social networking site expanding the horizon of G-suite users which till date included Gmail, Meet (for video conferencing), Chat, Google Drive and Google Docs.

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