Posted on 16th July, 2020

Explore Some Amazing Features of Twitter as a Part of Marketing

Influence of social media platforms on web browsers is not unknown to any of us. That’s why the majority of marketers use this as a tool to market their products and services. Twitter is one of those popular social media platforms that is nesting millions of followers. But are you utilizing it to the fullest? Here are some engaging features of twitter, which you might not be aware of but can give you a brilliant outcome.

• Pin a tweet forever for effective promotion-Any small to medium scale business can create a Twitter account and start branding themselves. The best part with Twitter is that if you desire to highlight any particular Tweet and retain it for the further promotion you can surely do it without any hindrances.

• Add images and tag up to 10 people-Twitter also allows you to add up to 4 images that perfectly harmonize your post. So you can make the best use of visuals and can also tag 10 people with every single image to reach the maximum people in very less time.

• Add users automatically by connecting to IFTTT-Just connect your account to “If This Then That service that allows you to add users automatically by “create recipe” feature. It is quite useful for those who handle more than one Twitter account as it helps to save a lot of time.

• Take advantage of advanced search results-Advanced search results brings various marketing opportunities that you may avail for a perfect branding. It not only helps you in exploring interesting marketing content but also track other brands, perform market analysis and come across tweets that have been generated near your place.

• Create your own story using Twitter Moments-Earlier the “Moments” feature was exclusively meant for specific groups and influencers but today anybody can create their own story and use it for promotion purpose.

• Get a notification for new tweets- If you are tracking the tweets of any particular individual and don’t want to miss any opportunity, then you can customize the setting accordingly to receive SMS alerts when any new post gets uploaded. You can also avail this service by using tweet alert upon visiting that particular person’s profile.

• Document your activity- If you wish to keep a track of all the tweets you have done so far, you can easily do it by downloading the tweets from the archive. All you need to do is go to the settings and visit Twitter Archive and request to see the tweets you have done till date.

• There is always a scope for improvement-Although the basic features that are available on Twitter are perfect for netizens, marketers and entrepreneurs might need something extra to improve their brand visibility. They can always install additional plugins to their web browser and perform activities that can help them in achieving their goal at the earliest.

To conclude

If you are using Twitter to market your brand, make sure have explored the platform completely before making the most out of it. If you haven’t done it yet, then do it at the earliest and reach millions of target audience bypassing your competitors.

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