Posted on 13th May, 2020

Every account holders must use Password Manager

As we sit in front of a computer and start creating an account, the first thing that comes in mind is keeping a safe password that is hard for others to guess. Generally for large businesses they have password policies like your password must be of eight-digit character, should hold a number or special character or must have both upper and lower cases and small business doesn’t ask for much.

Following the latest trend, where everything is digitalizing, whether the business asks for or not, creating a sensible password is always recommendable. You never know who is trying to hack your information and thus ruining for life or businesses.

With everything turning to be digitized starting from banking to retail marketing it seems like password has started dominating us. As the fear of hacking is constantly creeping our mind. Many people are there who manages their password by keeping a record of their encrypted data in various kinds of files.

Here, comes the importance of a password manager that can be installed in both Windows PC and Mac, for storing and increasing password security.

No chances of forgetting password- Once you store your password in password manager software you can stop worrying about forgetting it, also it ensures safe transferring of all the existing passwords within minutes. Researcher claims there are around 37 % users who forget passwords every month and raise password reset requests.

You can create any strong password- Since chances of forgetting your password is nil, it is possible to store any long and strong password, making it difficult for any hacker to guess your password.

It acts as a safe locker– Majority of us have the tendency of keeping all our important files and jewellery in safe custody. The same goes for our password as well. We can’t store our password anywhere and everywhere, also most of us have the tendency of repeating our passwords in various accounts. So, password manager also works as a safe locker for your account.

Two layers of authentication- A strong and safe password manager forms another layer on top of your password. This it enables double-layer authentication features for maximizing the security of your account.

Automatically integrates with your browser- when you create an account for the first time, your password manager which includes the browser extensions, automatically saves the credentials. Thus, credentials are automatically entered when the browser integration identifies the matching website.

Protection against Phishing- Using a password manager can even safeguard your account from various phishing websites, present for fooling you by creating the same kind of websites that looks very similar to your bank account login in page and creating a mess with the URL display. Thus it creates confusion within you. But password manager can save you by not entering the saved password which doesn’t match the authentic domain connected with the password.

Never showcase your details- Sometimes attacker might be present physically to watch you typing your password or might want to steal your password by looking through a surveillance camera. But using a password manager will never expose any your details so, users can always be tension free.

Thus, we find out it is always beneficial to use a Password Manager as it can help you by maximizing your account security and saving, more time, the money thus leading towards increasing productivity.

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