Posted on 1st February, 2019

Nahimic’s 3D Audio App Is Available Even On Mac Speakers

Are you passionate about movies or music? Want to dive into the reel world and have the feelings of the real world with amazing 3D sound? Nahimic has lots of things to offer.

If you are crazy about computer games then you must be aware of Nahimic’s MSI Global and if you haven’t heard about it, then I am here to give a bang and let you know about everything you are unaware of.

For years Nahimic has been offering amazing 3D enabled audio technology. The latest buzz is that the brand has promised to make its availability even for Mac users, by creating the new Mac app which will bring the 3D audio sound even on Mac laptops without installing any new hardware.

Since Nahimic app works with the inbuilt sound system of the device, it creates magical sound on any streaming movies or videos and synchronizes very well with any audio or video devices like headphones, external speakers.

Along with the 3D audio feature it offers volume amplifier as well which helps you to control the volume as per your requirement. Although the sound quality varies depending on the environment surrounding you and the device you are using to listen, still it is amazing than most of the applications available in the market.

But one problem is that this app is not free and the company at present, is available only after purchasing the annual subscription and the charges are a pretty high, considering it to be an audio improvement application. But, luckily they are offering a free 14 days trial period where you can decide only after testing the sound, whether to buy it or not. Windows user might have to wait for some more time to get the application available on their PC.

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