Posted on 27th April, 2020

Effectively use your iPhone even if you are a Chromebook user

No need to be dependent only on your Android Phone because Chrome OS has a solution for iPhone users too which will be launching soon.

It is true that Chromebook users are mostly dependent on their Android Phones for transferring data smoothly from one device to another. But the Chrome OS team has a surprise for the iPhone users as well.

According to the latest report Chrome will soon be tethering Apple device so that data can be transmitted easily. Although currently, you can use Wi-Fi hotspot of your iPhone or iPad device for accessing mobile data on Chromebook but again it drains much of your device battery as is also less reliable too.

The best solution to overcome all such problem is connecting both the devices through USB. This is what the Chrome Team is working currently. You will be able to connect your Apple device to Chrome OS via USB device but again it should be without Ethernet facilities. This is because they both operate on different platforms.

However, there is no exact date mentioned as to when you will be able to witness this tethering with your iPhone device but this will certainly fall into place in the near future.

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