Posted on 30th May, 2019

Download the new “Call Filter” app from Verizon- For Free

It helps you to combat against rampant robocalls.

Problems of spam calls and robocalls are nothing new, but our concern is, how rapidly such calls are increasing. We receive several such calls every day. It seems that we have become a puppet in the hands of such calls. Major steps are taken by the government and the telecom industry to prevent such calls but the masterminds behind these always find a better way to carry it on.

However, now Verizon is all set to fight a battle against such calls for free. They already have such blocking app, and they charged $2.99 for that, where they offered to check its users the contact details of all unknown callers for e.g., their name, phone number and place from where they are making those calls. Also, in case the caller uploaded any images on their profile even that is also visible to those who have been using Android and Blackberry devices but this facility is not available for iPhone users.

Thus, we have seen some interesting call management features like – detecting any spam call and alerting its users and also provide a way to report such numbers, for enhancing the spam detection list. All they do is, simply send the unwanted calls to voice mailbox. But, soon a free version will be introduced by the company in addition to the paid service.

Stop worrying about the download process! They will guide you on the entire download process.

How is such app functioning?

The app tries to block all the suspicious calls from the huge list of spam numbers that are known through constant updates every day. Using Shaken/Stir technology they alert its users about the calls if they are from a legitimate number or robocalls.

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