Posted on 9th October, 2018

Digital Marketing Trends to Hold the Ground in 2018

With digital media taking the helm over the print ones and the number of Internet users soaring rapidly, it has become imperative for every organization to rely on the best digital marketing services for maximizing their revenues. These days, people are using their laptops and smartphones more than ever. A lot of business opportunities can be explored by targeting these users. In order to reap the maximum benefits you need to pick the appropriate digital marketing trends, that will complement the present marketing scenarios. Like the previous years, 2017 too has its own share of digital marketing trends. Make sure to explore some of these trends to effectively turn your sales around –

Mobile video consumptions will increase:-

You must be living under a rock if your website and branding strategies are not yet optimized in 2017! With a power-packed mobile optimization strategy, let 2018 become your stepping-stone in this regard. The search engine optimization is more likely to penalize your brand if your website is not mobile friendly. As per the experts, in 2018, the trend of mobile video consumption will grow to a huge extent. Do not forget to tap into this trend, if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the years to come.

Social media marketing:-

There is more to social media than meets the eye! Introduced as a podium of connecting with people from all over the world, social media has emerged a hyperactive way of life today. For those who are looking for a high ROI approach at a low cost, social marketing can be a great boon. One of the most effective ways to gain favorable coverage is to promote stories on the News Feeds of Facebook. This approach sometimes engages in circumventing the publishers and gaining exposures directly from different social media platforms. You can also promote a brand by offering a host of lucrative discounts and services. This social media marketing trend is here to stay in 2018 and even the years to come.

In-store marketing:-

As per the popular digital marketing service providers, the mobile in-store updates work wonders in increasing the awareness of the consumers. Also, backed by the mobile in-store updates, you can encourage your intended audiences to spend more time on your website. It entails a team of talented experts to pull off the effective in-store marketing campaigns, as it requires huge skills for promotions, analytics, location technology, classic marketing, etc. With help of the proficient experts, you can fetch the best results in this regard.

Content marketing:-

The trend of content marketing will continue to hold the ground in 2018. About 70% of users have claimed that they would rather learn about a company via the content of a website. If they find the content is not up to the mark, they will instantly leave the page. Also, content marketing is relatively more cost-effective than any other forms of marketing. Always remember, if you want to solidify the reputation of your brand, you need to focus on the content marketing.

The growth of voice searches:-

The customers are now able to use voice search almost anywhere now: smartphones phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and so on. Honestly, it is everywhere now. As per the recent surveys, by the year 2020, about 50% of all the searches would likely to convert into voice searches. Optimization of voice search will include conversational phrases and long-tail keywords. The content marketing makes optimizing for voice search a bit easier, as it is not as difficult to let the conversational keywords work for a blog post. According to the digital marketing service providers, the trend of content marketing won’t fly the digital marketing nests in 2018.

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