Posted on 23rd February, 2022

Development of a Mobile Application: Time and Cost

The process of estimating the time and cost for your mobile app is certainly not simple. How come? Because you need to take into account a number of factors. One of the first things you must decide is whether you require an app development agency or if you can develop it on your own.

To come to a conclusion, you have to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Furthermore, there are a number of other factors you should consider. To understand how much time and money it takes to develop a mobile app, let’s look at the important factors involved.

Factors that determine the cost of your mobile app development

According to the key factors below, you can estimate the time and cost required for the development of an app.

  • Total features:

The price of developing a mobile app varies according to the number of features you are planning to include. The cost increases as you add more features. Thus, to keep the cost reasonable, you must keep upgrading the entire format of your app.

  • Choose less number of screens:

Plan to develop an app for a limited number of screens. Otherwise, the cost will be higher and the process will take longer.

  • User interface:

The way you plan to design the user interface of your mobile app determines the cost of development. If you are planning to develop an app with special effects, the cost will be higher.

Various types of apps

Now let’s look at the different kinds of apps that are available. The cost and time of app development also depend on the type of app you are looking for.

  • Data-driven apps:

These types of apps store data either on a web server or in the memory of the device. Apps such as mobile dictionaries need the memory of the device to keep the data.

  • Hybrid apps or Cross-platform apps:

If you want to reach out to a large audience, you need this type of app. When you hire an agency, you can easily keep the costs under control. If you are only planning to launch a game app, a hybrid app may be the best option.

  • Hardware-reliant app:

Such type of app needs a mobile device. The purpose of such an app is, in fact, to improve the functionalities.

  • Game apps:

Games are one of the simplest types of apps and are also incredibly popular. However, expensive gaming apps are also available.

An estimation of app development cost

The entire process of developing a mobile app can be divided into two phases when we examine the process from start to finish. The first phase of the development of the app is the pre-planning stage, while the second phase is the app development. Cost and time for developing an app are not solely determined by factors of pre-planning. Taking a look at each stage of developing an app, you can easily understand and estimate the cost and time that will be involved. Hence, let’s take a look at the various stages of app development.

  • The role of a business analyst:

The process of designing and developing begins with a perfect plan. It is the responsibility of the business analyst to sketch the whole thing out. Now, how does a business analyst actually help in the entire process of app development? In addition to defining the entire project value, he/she will need to conduct market research and analysis. With the help of a business analyst, you can start your application development process on the right foot.

  • The cost of designing:

The cost of your mobile app development is also affected by the complexity of the app design. The design of your app will vary depending on the market you’re targeting. You may choose a simple design or a professionally designed app. It is estimated that your app’s design budget may range from 5000-20000 U.S.

  • The cost of development:

In a large part, app development costs are determined by what you choose to build your mobile app with. Your choice of platform and the specifications of your app determine the total cost. There are particular specifications that every app must meet. It includes login, user profile, chat, and CMS. The minimum amount that you will need to pay for such specifications is 100 dollars and the maximum is 3300 dollars. Each specification will cost you a different amount. When you start developing your app, you should consider the cost of each specification separately.

  • The phase of testing:

Your application needs to undergo testing before it is released. This is the stage where your apps are tested and errors are sought out and rectified. To get the latest information about the app, this phase is important.

  • The stage of releasing your app:

Once your app is ready to launch, you need to upload it to the app store. To upload your app, you must pay the app store fees. For Google Play, you need to pay 25 U.S. dollars and for Apple Store, it is 99 U.S. dollars.

Do you need to hire an app development agency?

You may think that hiring an agency is not budget-friendly when you examine the approximate cost of designing a mobile app. Thus, you may consider handling everything yourself. But what if you are unable to make your app completely bug-free?

Hiring an agency would be a good choice. Reason? You will get advice for your app from the experts. In addition, the experts will monitor the performance of your app even after it is launched. In this sense, it is always wise to hire an agency to get a dedicated team to develop your app. Moreover, you will definitely save time with this approach.


It is certainly important to estimate the time and cost associated with the development of mobile apps. In order to calculate the cost of developing your app, you should consider the given information. Most importantly, you will always benefit from the assistance of experts. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look for a reliable company that offers the best mobile app development services in India.

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