Posted on 26th September, 2020

Dark Mode Option for Facebook App are Soon to be Introduced

Dark Mode across diverse platform has been immensely popular among its users, and finally, Facebook announces to introduce this feature for its mobile app users.

The advantages of dark mode version are multiple, from saving power consumption to soothing our eyes. Then why not give it a try when Facebook is offering it for your mobile app.

A few months back, Facebook launched the Dark Mode option for desktop users. But since most of us access this platform using our smartphones, not all could benefit it.

But soon, even Facebook’s mobile app users can start availing this option.

Off late, the company which is utterly famous globally is experimenting with the dark mode version for its phone users and has been already made available to a small section of people.

However, no fixed timeline has been announced, when it shall be made available to all its users, but those who are experimenting it has revealed the final look of the dark mode interface.

Isn’t it surprising, when other popular social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google enabled Dark Mode, Facebook took so much time to unveil this to its users?

But there is an agate which rightly says, “Better late than never”. So hopefully, engaging Dark mode will bring a sign of joy on the face of Facebook app users who are desperately looking for it.

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