Posted on 8th August, 2022

A Quick Learning Insight About Custom Web App Architecture

Web applications have become the pivotal point for businesses online. With changing times and the digital forefront, the marketspace has also undergone some changes and web applications are a major part of it. You can start by figuring out what will be your business goals, what features you want, and define the proper architecture of your web app. You can also customize your web app as per your business requirements and concept so that the web app is ideal for your business operation. Now let’s learn what a custom web application architecture means as a whole and how we can go about it.

What Is Custom Web Application Architecture & What Is Its Significance?

The term itself defines its underlined meaning, so we got step by step- firstly let’s understand what is a custom web application and then understand what custom web application architecture means. Custom web application usually refers to a specific purpose web application that is designed, developed, deployed, and maintained to fulfill all business requirements of a concern/enterprise. It is a software program that helps in broadening the target audience reach and helps in more personalized user interaction.

Now custom web application architecture is an effectively designed application architecture that acts as a blueprint of interactions between databases, middleware systems, and other applications. The architecture has two main focal points- frontend and backend. The web application architecture is mainly concerned with how the HTTP understands and delivers data between the client-end (frontend) and the server-side (backend) servers. Each end runs seamlessly to make the web app more empowering and help in delivering faster results.

The frontend helps in running all the codes in the web browsers through which users interact with the application’s functionalities. Whereas, the backend helps in storing data, processing requests, and showing rapid results at the frontend of the application. The backend mostly consists of servers, application logic, and databases. With professional support and assistance from any expert web application development service provider in India, you can build a custom web app from scratch. Now let’s move on to how custom web application architecture is important in web application design and development for businesses.

Components Of Custom Web App Architecture

The major components of custom web application architecture can be sited as below-

User Interface (UI)

UI is the visual point of interaction and communication between the target audience and the web application. It aims to provide an intuitive, seamless, and visually appealing user experience to all the app’s users through dashboards, notifications, logs, configurations, etc. While developing the web app’s UI, three things are needed- HTML for defining the structure, CSS for styling and presentation, and JavaScript for web pages to interact with the browser.

Web Server

A web server is a system that uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to respond to client requests made on the web application. The main purpose of the web server is to store, process, and deliver requested data to users’ web browsers.

Database Server

The database server acts as a centralized database location for handling all data-related tasks. It also provides the requested data by the application in a quick bit. The aim of a database server is to store, manage, retrieve, modify and update all information logs, files, data forms, and other databases easily.

Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is a decentralized hierarchical naming system that works as an internet directory. It converts the domain names into IP addresses so that web browsers can load the web pages with ease. DNS acts as a user’s access point for data collection and information. It is very handy during the recovery of data, giving access control, storing applications and non-database files, and managing security.

Load Balancer

The load balancing system divides the web application’s incoming traffic across different virtual availability zones. This will thus improve the scalability and the availability of the custom web app.


Cache temporarily stores all the data in the user’s device browser for faster and easy access to the web application in the long run.

Messaging Middleware/ MOM

Messaging middleware or MOM (Message Oriented Middleware) is the middle point of the communication channel between the distributed servers in the application. MOM helps in bridging the gap between the servers and the application thereby enhancing user experience and the app’s overall performance.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN helps increase the delivery speed of web content (like images, videos, files, etc) over long distances through distributed servers. It helps in reducing the loading times, cost, and latency of all the data by bringing the data close to the user’s location.

Layers Of Custom Web App Architecture

The custom web application architecture has three layers- each of them serving a specific purpose. You can get a more detailed understanding of these three layers from the following-

Presentation Layer

The presentation layer’s main purpose is to allow communication between the web browser and the user interface so that there is seamless user interaction on the custom web app. It generally includes all the UI components like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – all of which help the users to access the presentation layer through a web browser, as well as format data and render data for the users.

Business Logic Layer

The business logic layer helps in defining the business logic of the custom web application by processing requests from the web browser, determining the data transfer routes, and sending requested data back to the presentation layer.

Data Access Layer/ Persistence Layer

The data access layer is the centralized location where all the data requests are received from the web application to access the database is granted. It is the connecting point of both the presentation layer and the business logic layer. Here, all the data requests are granted so that the request call can get suitable outcomes with access to storage. The storage is highly maintained through a DMS (Data Management System) server, tools, and so on for easy communication with the application’s database. The data access layer is also sometimes known as the persistence layer.

Importance Of Custom Web Application Architecture

Building a strong and impactful custom web application architecture is significant for your business growth online as well as for brand awareness. You need to focus on what are the important aspects of custom web application architecture that will be helpful for your online business and then start creating the architecture around that idea. There are top-notch web application development service providers in India that will help you along the way for a more polished output. But for now here are some major important highlights of what a custom web application architecture can do for your business-

  • A well-planned application architecture will be the foundation brick of your online business empire.
  • With a custom web application architecture, your business will evolve in the digital marketspace pushing more user interaction and engagement.
  • Custom web application architecture is the foothold in delivering a more personalized and remarkable user experience to the target audience.
  • It makes online business more robust, faster, interoperable, and reliable.
  • With the perfect ideal custom web application architecture development, you can divide the app into small secured components and work simultaneously on them. This makes the work much faster and reduces the delivery time for results.
  • A well thought and planned custom web application architecture also helps in minimizing the security risks and threats to the application, thereby running smoothly as well as enhancing its performance.


Custom web application architecture is one of the primary tasks when you are thinking about expanding your business and brand online. Therefore, it is imperative that in the age of digitization you choose web applications that will evolve your business potential and bandwidth. With some professional help from web application developers, you can build a personalized web app to engage more with your target audience and users. Take note of what you need and how to begin through this blog and get started!

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