Posted on 21st January, 2020

Control YouTube’s video content as per your preference.

Stop watching the videos that you don’t like. YouTube is busy working on its features for better transparency.

Not all videos published on YouTube are liked by us. In fact, there are certain videos which we hate completely and would never recommend others to watch as well. Don’t worry YouTube knows it all! So, it is working on its own features where you will have greater control on those videos.

With YouTube, hiding channels and other related videos will be easier from now onwards. Its new feature will be available for the time being on iOS platform and soon in the next few days, it will be available for both Android and desktop users.

Follow the changes

For the time being, three changes are implemented by YouTube. Firstly, you can explore any topic or other videos related to it once scroll upwards and type on the homepage and also when you start browsing Up Next. You will get suggestions as per your likings. Secondly, remove the video suggestions completely which doesn’t grab your interest. Simply go to the three-dot menu and select the necessary option. The third feature is a breakout box which you will find lying under the recommended videos explaining the reason for suggesting such videos. The suggestions are mostly based on what others with similar kind of interests have viewed.

All this while YouTube has been accused of playing the extremist role by plunging them into deep holes and encouraging them to watch paedophiles using the algorithm. Obviously there cannot be smoke without fire. Very recently The New York Times revealed that YouTube’s algorithm is giving the recommendation to watch videos of children in their bathing suits to someone who has earlier watched adultery content.

To address such issues the company changed its guidelines for the community and banned the promotion of such videos. They are working extremely hard towards reducing the spread of harmful video content by increasing its altitude of transparency and making the users understand the working process of such a system.

However, this is just a small step taken in the right direction and now you stay assured that you will not be able to see weird contents at least for the time being.

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