Posted on 24th March, 2021

Conduct videoconferencing from your Smart TV.

The idea of hosting a videoconferencing on your smart TV is always enthralling, and this is what Google is doing presently!

The spread of Coronavirus has sailed us to a situation, where most of the educational institutions, offices are continuing their services, from the home itself, via video conferencing. Such video meetings are hosted either from smartphones, laptops, or even desktops. It is because we aren’t yet able to cast Videoconferencing apps to our Smart TVs. But things will change soon.

Google wishes to elevate the Video chat experience of its users by amalgamating bigger screens to it. That is the reason why very recently Chromecast support has been added to Google Meet.

So, holding meetings on giant screens will not be impossible anymore. All you need is the Chromecast stick, Android TV with smart displays.

Don’t get annoyed when you find the camera, microphone, and audio of your PC are into action. But anyhow, you can always get clear visibility of your co-workers on giant screens.

However, the performance of such video chats will widely depend on the Android TV and the Chromecast models you are using. So, in case you need to attend any important meeting, it’s better to access Google Meet from your PC.

But how to give it a start?

You can start casting meetings on your TV, before or after you join the meeting. Just click the menu bar on Google Meet and choose the “Cast this meeting” option. Upon clicking you must select the Cast aided device. And when you wish to end the meeting, just go to the menu bar again and choose the” Stop casting the meeting” option.

Isn’t it easy? It is indeed! Then, why don’t you start experiencing it on your Smart TV, and share your views with us on the same?

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