Posted on 4th January, 2022

The Complete Guide To SEO Resellers: What You Need To Know

Digital marketing is incomplete without SEO services. It is crucial that every digital marketing team understands how to apply SEO properly. A successful content marketing strategy requires the assistance of an SEO expert. These experts are working on how to raise your business’ ranking in the SERPs. Experts in SEO are an essential part of many digital marketing teams.

However, what about the small business owners? Can they afford to hire an SEO expert on staff?

In such an environment, how can a company succeed without having an SEO team? And most importantly, how will they fulfill the needs of their customers in terms of SEO and other important web marketing services? Losing a client is not something anyone wants to experience.

What is the solution? SEO reseller is the answer.

Therefore you cannot treat SEO as a toy. Due to the fact that it keeps changing, an approach that works today may not work tomorrow. An SEO expert is the only person who can guide you around these problems. In that sense, SEO resellers can certainly save your business.

SEO Resellers: Who Are They?

An SEO reseller is an agency specializing in search engine optimization and they offer SEO services to various companies. As a matter of fact, those SEO agencies that assist other emerging SEO companies with their services are also called SEO resellers. It is possible to become a reseller only if an agency is proficient in various areas of SEO and has a large team. They provide white label reports to other companies, which they then sell to their clients using their company’s or brand name. Moreover, SEO resellers won’t receive credit for any work they do on your behalf. All services provided by these SEO resellers are confidential. Because of this, your clients won’t know anything about it. SEO resellers are experts in keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and guest posting services. Whenever an SEO reseller becomes a partner of your business, it is considered to be an extended team of your business.

The Types of SEO Resellers Available

Understanding SEO resellers requires you to know their types which are outlined below-

White Label SEO Reselling:
Knowing the services offered by the agency, as well as whether or not you are in need of those services, falls under this category. Basically, it focuses on generating content and searching for keywords. Additionally, link building and keyword tracking are part of it. The best SEO Company in India always uses their experience to conduct successful keyword research to earn ultimate success. In fact a lot depends on the expertise and experience of the team members when it comes to SEO reselling.

SEO reseller agencies:
SEO resellers collect information about the clients who are interested in SEO services. SEO reseller agencies use those details. There are many SEO agencies that contract with SEO resellers for SEO services. Wholesale rates apply to these services. By increasing their visibility and search engine ranking, these agencies help websites achieve higher rankings. Also, these agencies are useful in building brands.

SEO resellers:
SEO resellers work closely with the SEO reseller agencies. These agencies use the information these resellers collect about their clients.

Benefits of SEO Resellers:

It is obvious that SEO resellers are helpful for your business. You will certainly get a better understanding of the benefits by reading the list below:

You save money:
It is not necessary to build an in-house SEO team when you can hire an SEO reseller. The price you pay to an SEO reseller is based solely on the services they provide. The most important thing is to only take their help when you need it. You would have a much harder time building an in-house SEO team if you had to do that. Thus you save your money when you hire SEO resellers.

Easily introduce new services:
SEO resellers are known for their expertise with SEO services. As a matter of fact, they keep updating themselves with new rules and strategies. How will you act if your newly-grown company has not yet started offering SEO services, but your clients start asking for it? There is no way you can build an SEO team overnight and start offering services. It is possible to hire an SEO reseller quickly to deal with this problem. Thus introducing new services is possible.

Start earning more:
Using SEO resellers, your company can offer a service without having to spend much. This means you only have to pay these experts for the services they provide, which is much less than the profit you make from your customers. Hence you earn even more.

Enhances service quality:
You should always seek the assistance of experienced SEO experts rather than newcomers. An expert SEO is someone who has done a lot of experiments over many years. With the help of such experienced SEO experts, you can expect maximum results. Consequently, your service quality will improve.

Focus on your primary services:
When SEO resellers handle SEO services on your behalf, it’s easier for you to concentrate on your main business. A SEO reseller is an expert, and you can rely on their services at any time. Therefore, you can focus on the rest of the job while your SEO reseller takes care of all the SEO needs.

They can offer multiple services:
SEO strategies are constantly changing and upgrading. In fact, day by day it is becoming very difficult and complicated. The priority is however to secure a higher position, although it is not easy. SEO resellers are experts and these digital agencies are proficient at fulfilling your client’s SEO needs. In this way, you receive a wide range of services from a single agency.

Get access to SEO tools:
It may cost you a lot to get access to SEO tools, but it is a necessity for your business. There is no point in paying a huge amount for SEO tools. Nevertheless, these tools are essential for certain analyses. To help their business succeed, SEO firms always purchase SEO tools subscriptions. You can also earn a free subscription to these useful SEO tools by doing business with these companies.

Tips: How to resell SEO services

The knowledge of SEO resellers isn’t enough. To successfully resell SEO services, you need to know how to do it.

Choose the appropriate SEO reseller:
You will come across a great number of SEO resellers when looking for one. To choose one of them as your best choice is a difficult task. However, you have to decide in order to move forward. How to proceed then?
Start by checking their reviews and testimonials. Moreover, you should consider the number of clients they have worked with previously as well as their years of experience. You should also check how the company communicates with its customers. Don’t forget to pay attention to their payment structure and terms.

Discuss your project:
It is crucial to share your client’s project details with the SEO reseller you have chosen. Let the experts know what your clients need so they can get to work on your project. Discuss the vital points such as targeted keywords, content creation, website audit, guest posting services, backlinks etc.

Know the cost of the project:
Your reseller will decide what resources they will need to allocate after you share the details of your client’s project with them. In fact, it is only after this process that they will be able to tell you how much you will have to pay for this project.

Receive white label reports:
After receiving all the details from you, your SEO reseller gets to work preparing the white label report for your client. As soon as you receive the white label report, your company’s name will appear along with your company’s logo. As a result, you get all the information you need and the process would not take too long.

Meet your clients finally:
Upon receiving the SEO reseller’s reports, you can share them with your clients. When your clients ask you a question, you can answer them easily with these reports. Thus, you can also assist them in making different decisions using the data you have collected as it is useful for them for a variety of reasons.


If you choose a SEO reseller, make sure they share the same values as you. The most important thing to remember when it comes to choosing a SEO reseller is that you need to choose a person you can rely on as he or she will be working for your clients on your behalf. Most importantly, your reseller is only here to assist you in realizing your dream projects.

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