Posted on 10th October, 2022

7 Common Reasons To Upgrade Your Web Application

With emerging technological trends and the continuous evolution of the digital realm, it is a necessity to stay afloat. Therefore, from time to time, technological upgradation is important to enhance the functionalities of web applications. The upgradation will balance your web app’s performance and make it more effortless for the audience to engage with.

Once you have developed the web application, the job is not done. Organizations need to maintain and upgrade their web application periodically.

Sticking to the same age-old version will not do your business or the web app any good. You need your web app to deliver prompt results and be at par with modern practices. Additionally, staying dedicated to your old and faulty version will pull down your reviews too.

Therefore, you need to stay aware of any issues your web app is facing. Along with that, you need to check that your web app is following all the modern practices.

7 Major Reasons That Prompts You Should Update Your Web App

You as a web application owner should be aware of all the common reasons why you end up losing your customers to your competitors. You need to stay ahead of the competition and keep a close eye on user experience. Additionally, you need to match the latest standard and your target audience’s preference for a more engaging response from the users.

Let’s check out on which ground you should consider a technological update for your web app.

Slow & Unresponsive Web App

When you notice that your web application is not responding quickly enough, causing unnecessary friction and pulling down your audience- you need to consider upgrading your web app. If your web app is slow to load or unresponsive, then it will increase bounce rates.

Fast-loading web applications are one the key elements to empower user journey and experience. If your web application is not executing a seamless user experience, an update is the best solution. Remember that if you do not upgrade your web app, it may downgrade your market goodwill and subscribers.

Lacks Integration Of Online/ Digital Payment System

It is high time that you consider upgrading your web application when it lacks the integration of an online payment system. With digitalization at your doorstep, digital payments are revolutionizing the payment system. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has made a long-lasting impression in this avenue. Especially, every eCommerce web application needs to consider upgrading the web app, if it does support digital payment or digital wallets

Logging into the account each time with additional steps while purchasing results in a high bounce rate and resistance from the audience. Integrating your web app with the UPI system or online payment gateways will make any purchase seamless.

A payment page will open for online payment at the point of checkout is a recommended option. If your web app does not have the option, act fast and upgrade your eCommerce web app with the help of any web app development service provider in India.

Absence Of Direct Sign-In

If your web application does not support direct sign with the help of Google or Apple, you need to upgrade it. Let us explain the reason why the Single Sign On (SSO) option helps enhance the user experience.

Your audience may not remember the login credentials or might forget the current password. They may even get frustrated tediously signing up each time. The best solution to avoid losing the customer over a simple login with proper security is upgrading your web app.

If your web app supports this integration with Google or Apple accounts for the login, the security of the web app is enhanced. There are autofill frameworks that can detect the saved credentials or IDs with passwords from the password manager. Mostly, options like ‘Continue with Google’ are shown below in the signup sheets.

Omits Key Tools That Enhances The UX

With technological upgrades, trends and practices that enhance the user experience also evolve with time. The modern practices and tools in your web application will add an edge to your business web app. If your web application does support these tools and features, the functionality of your web app and customer base is reduced. Some of these distinct tools that might add an edge to your web app and UX are-

  • Text Size
    Personalizing the text size in the web application is essential for enhancing the user experience. It helps the users to access the text size and change them according to their preference. Some of the common text size options are – Very Small, Small, Large, Extra Large and so.
  • Screen Display
    For example, brightness plays a key role in the web application regarding the screen display. Along with that, your web app should be scalable on any device to boost user engagement.
  • Font Scaling & Design
    The major accessibility guidelines state that the font sign and scaling play a key role in the user’s accessibility and experience. It is necessary that on iOS and Android devices alike, Font Scaling is a requirement for the web app to promote its UX.
  • Voice Search Input
    Modernization and tech upgrades, including the audio support for searches in your web app lead to an effortless customer journey. Voice search input can enhance your audience’s engagement rate and thereby boost the UX.
  • Dark Mode
    The dark mode on your web applications empowers the user environment. If your web app does not support dark mode, you need to upgrade your web app immediately. This feature adds a layer of smoothness to the user experience and helps you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Supports additional devices like a smart TV or watch
    If your web app does not support additional input devices or cast screens on Smart TV or Watch, you need to hassle up and upgrade it immediately.

These are some of the key tools and features that will help you stand out from the crowd and make your web app highly functional and deliver a smooth user experience.

Does Not Support Customer Identity Verification

If your web application does not support customer identity verifications, it is high time you upgrade it. Especially, business web applications should highly focus on digital identity verification like face recognition, biometrics, digital identification documents, two-factor authentication, etc for enhanced security. Google and Apple both support these technologies to reduce the risk and eliminate hacking.

Such prominent examples of supported customer identification verification in your web app are-

  • OTPs ( One-Time Passwords) are unique codes dropped via SMS to complete the online payment process.
  • Biometrics and face recognition unlock the UPIs apart from the usual password and IDs for signing in.
  • Auto-capturing two-factor authentication is enabled in various other social web apps like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

No Option For In-App Review

If your web app is missing out on the review section, you need to immediately reach out to any web app development service provider in India and update it. Though the user may have already downloaded/installed it by checking out reviews on Google or apple an in-app review is necessary.

Especially, for eCommerce web applications an in-app review will help the user to make a purchase decision or rate the product/service they have used already. Reviews may be negative or positive, but all the feedback will help your web app to deliver a better user experience and improve its performance overall.

Missing Gestures, Widgets & Shortcuts

Web applications missing long press gestures and widgets also need immediate upgrades. These features make your web app pop out and help the users to complete the tasks effortlessly. All these may be minute details in the web app but adds up to make the user experience and navigation seamless.

For example, widgets in your web app add an entry pass to the Homescreen of the user’s current device. Additionally, it acts as a glance for the user and empowers quick accessibility.


Web applications are a prominent and impressionable reflection of your brand’s online presence. If you want to stand out from the rival brands and make your mark in the digital realm, update your web app periodically. This way, you can stay afloat with the changing technologies and trends thereby directing a smooth and effortless user experience.

If you find that your web app is missing out on these above tools or features, immediately consult an expert and upgrade your web app.

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