Posted on 9th October, 2018

Choose The Ideal CMS for Your Website Development Project

Over the past few years, WordPress has been ruling the roost as one of the most popular content management systems (CMS system). However, with technology going through unprecedented growth, the website development industry has experienced the emergence of many other effective and easy-to-use CMS systems. Amongst a handful of CMS systems claiming to fame, Joomla has made a mark undoubtedly.

But which is the most ideal CMS platform for your business? Read further.

According to the website development service providers, with help of Joomla the web pages of a website can be managed and updated with surprising ease. On the contrary, WordPress has been dominating the field of CMS, courtesy legions of benefits it has to offer. Stuck in a dilemma between Joomla and WordPress? Maybe your confined knowledge is to blame for invoking this confusion. Well, it’s never too late to tweak your knowledge. Read the following excerpt and familiarize yourself with the basic advantageous features of both WordPress and Joomla.

Benefits of using WordPress:

Easy to use- WordPress is easy to use. Be it for adding new images or posting blogs, with WordPress every uphill task turns into breezes.

Manage your site from any device– Since WordPress is browser-based, the user can manage it from any device that has Internet connection in it.

No need for HTML editing or FTP software- WordPress serves as a self-contained system and hence it does not nee any HTML editing software (like Dreamweaver orAdobe Contribute). You don’t require additional HTML or FTP software to create a new blog post, format a text or upload documents.

SEO friendly– The simple and clean code used in WordPress makes it easy to index or read a website content. This apart, every post or image can have its own meta title, description or keyword while using WordPress.

Get customizable web design– With WordPress, the look and feel of your site can be absolutely customizable. As a result, your website will offer a seamless experience to your target audiences.

Advantages of using Joomla:

A compelling functionality– A website’s functionality can be enhanced with help of Joomla. Amidst legions of add-ons and plugins, Joomla is available on the web. It ensures a better and seamless functionality of a website.

No need for in-depth programming knowledge– One of the best parts about using Joomla is that the user needs not have a great command over the programming language. Even with a superficial knowledge of Joomla is sufficient enough for updating a website content.

Available in different language– These days, Joomla is available in multiple languages. Hence, users with the smattering of knowledge in English can deal with it without hassles.

Open content management system– Since Joomla is an open content management system, the users don’t need to pay the license fees for using this application.

To conclude:

Both WordPress and Joomla are widely used for designing and developing websites. If you are looking forward to developing a compelling website to empower your brand, you can choose any CMS between Joomla and WordPress as per your requisites. Make sure to hire the best website development company to yield the best result.

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