Posted on 20th May, 2019

Can Technological Advancement Bring Deep Changes to Mankind?

If so, when and how?

Every living species on this planet have witnessed series of changes in their ecosystem and human beings are not exceptional to this phenomenon. From changes in their features, to ideas, scopes, complexities, inventions and innovations human being are experiencing everything.

As the power of the computer is increasing, researchers are building more intelligent machines, to store more data, giving rise to an era of information. That information is used to work more efficiently, than mankind. The machines are even capable of solving more complex problems and having greater creative skills than any normal human. These kinds of machines can even modify their source code, to become super intelligent.

Some philosophers argue that we are already in the middle of technological evolution, which merges the technology with science and society, where almost everything is digitized.

Every organization, starting from politics to governance, research and developments, aerospace, educational institutions, manufacturing companies, financial bodies, marketing companies are making use of artificial intelligence and interconnected devices for the smooth and efficient functioning of their organizations. The more they are learning the system, the more intelligent they are becoming. Efforts are made for developing memory chips which will consume less energy and imitate the human brain for functioning. Devices like neuromorphic chips are designed for processing human sensory data like keeping a track of any patient’s data for recognizing any early threatening sign and adjusting the treatment accordingly or automatically keeping your mobile phone in the night mode during nighttime. However, the more it is trying to work like the human mind, the sooner it is leading towards the technological singularity.

Thus, thoughts about securing human life pinpoint us, including its severities, as its future impact is still unclear among researchers, due to lack of any prior historical records. It might become a threat for all those scare resources that are used by mankind for surviving and it will be beyond the control of human to stop.

It is not hard to believe AI can promote human goal if actually they are programmed in such a way to do so, otherwise, it might also bring human extinction. Although there is no method that can calculate when and how it will lead towards singularity, the fact that it brings changes to the basic principles of security, is clearly visible and our response towards it is cohesive and comprehensive.

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