Posted on 20th May, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the new Learning “Pictionary”.

Scientists are teaching Artificial Intelligence to apply common sense.

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world of technology, making human life easier. Now, researchers of Artificial intelligence are moving a step forward by teaching Pictionary to AI, for making them understand how a human being thinks.

Why is it so important?
The primary goal of AI is to make the computers and machine perform the intellectual task. The more they behave like human the more positively they can work for them, instead of going against them.

AI takes on Pictionary
Researchers of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence have created a program called Iconary, another version of Pictionary, teaching Allen AI, the intellectual concept only by drawing pictures. However, it is not that simple how we think about it. It is quite a challenging task for AI, even for the most advanced one. What we think is easy for the human being to perform is actually difficult to teach the computers. It is a major step for AI to match human aptitudes.

How was it started?
On 5th February 2019, Iconary was introduced to the public, inspiring them to play with Allen AI, with the hope that soon AI will able to develop common sense just like humans.

Human players are given options, where they can either guess the images drawn by AI or can draw an image for AI to guess. The concept varies from guessing simple things to more complicated ones. Moreover, Allen AI is also talented enough to understand and produce the real-time scenarios featured in the different phases of Iconary, which is also a perfect combination of the potentiality of AI and the influence of human interference.

It is for the first time such kind of experiment took place. Soon AI will start working together with human taking decisions just like them.

Researchers of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence created a program called Iconary, which is another version of Pictionary, teaching AI intellectual concept by drawing images. Although it seems to be an easy task but the reality is somewhat different. It is a major step for AI to match with human aptitudes. The sole purpose of introducing it is to make them develop common sense so that rather than going against human they are able to work for them properly.

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