Posted on 25th September, 2020

Know The Benefits of Using Google Phone App

You might be receiving multiple unwanted calls from sellers, but still taking those calls because you are not sure who is calling you and their purpose. But now with a Google Phone app, you can quickly decide upon whether or not to receive the call.

Thanks to the “Verified Calls” feature that allows you to identify the caller, their purpose for calling and take the decision accordingly.

To avail, this facility Businesses need to clear the verification process after successfully signing up and then send all the details which include- their phone number, your phone number and the reasons for making such calls, to dedicated call server.

And finally, when you see the call on the phone screen, you will receive all the details, for e.g.- If someone is calling you to deliver your food packets, then the message will appear on the Phone app alongside the call.

However, to receive this information, you must ensure you are using the same phone number that you have added to your Google Account. Also, unless you download the Google App, you can’t take advantage of this feature. And, do remember it is not compatible with some of the Android devices like Samsung Phones.

In case, you don’t like this feature and wish to receive any call and every call, Google will allow you to turn off the feature.

Do you have privacy concerns?

Stop worrying because Google claims to delete the phone number and the reason behind for such calls from calls server, immediately after the call is complete. There is no question of storing or collecting personal details of the users.

So, start downloading Google Phone App and get several other benefits along with Verified Calls feature.

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