Posted on 8th February, 2019

Are CAPTCHA s getting difficult over time?

In order to prove you are not a robot, Google CAPTCHAs are getting tougher.

Before digging out the truth regarding why CAPTCHAs are getting difficult day by day, it is necessary to understand what is CAPTCHA and why CAPTCHAs are considered so important?

It is always possible for computers to recognize text from the images that are available, but probable they are clearly visible. Therefore, various companies conduct a test to ensure that only human beings are submitting the online form. These tests are called CAPTCHAs. It is an abbreviation that actually stands for- “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

Well, CAPTCHAs performs several activities, apart from proving that only human beings are operating the system. It prevents the hacker from trying to break into any account with every possible combination of password or stopping any illegal contest votes.

Now, let me explain to you how it actually works?

In the beginning of year 2000, users were given images and numbers in distorted form, asking them to type it in the box, to proof “I’m not a robot”. Since it was impossible for software programs to easily identify the distorted letters and numbers.

But by 2014, even bots became successful in solving puzzles. Many company websites started introducing CAPTCHAs, that asks people to play games like- click all the pictures showing traffic light, click images where you can see houses or flowers. All the instructions are given in symbols with the hope that human will be able to perform the task, which computer will be perplexed to do.

Why is it becoming so difficult to solve?

With the advancement of Machine Learning and the increasing power of computer programming this kind of verification is getting tougher. Sometimes those CAPTCHAs are so confusing, that human mind gets frustrated while solving it. It is not that they are dumb, but because of the wide variation in their culture, language, and practice.

Whatever be the kind of CAPTCHA whether it is a puzzle CAPTCHA or video CAPTCHA, bots will be able to solve everything gradually. According to researchers, in next five to ten years, the CAPTCHA challenge will lose its popularity. Most of the company’s website will perform undisclosed Turing test, constantly operating in the background. Since, a real human cannot completely control their own functions, it is impossible for them to more their mouse cursor for multiple interactions at the same time. Whereas, it is always possible for a Bot to perform several interactions together at a time without moving the mouse or even moving it very accurately. So, the only way to pass the Turing test is by giving the wrong answer, making mistakes, missing buttons and getting distracted while switching the buttons. In 2017, Amazon received a patent, for a structure that involves logical puzzles and optical illusions which human mind faced great difficulty in decoding.

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