Posted on 19th January, 2021

Apple vs. Pear. Who wins the battle?

Logos are an indispensable part of any brand, and the fight between Apple and Pear explicitly confirms the same.

The popularity of Apple is not only because of the product it sells but, also it is very much because of its alluring logo, signifying a half bitten apple. Today the famous software giant doesn’t even need to use its name on the various products it sells to represent the brand. The simple yet explicit logo is capable enough to justify the brand name. And that’s the reason why Apple has recently filed a case against a meal prep app “Prepear app”, whose logo symbolizes a Pear fruit.

According to Apple, the cartoon logo of Pear fruit is quite similar to their trademark Apple Logo and might create a fallacy among its clients, where they might misinterpret Prepear App to be a product of Apple, as, Apple already owns several apps related to food and nutrition. Apple argues it as a violation of the Lanham Act.

Prepear app is all about cooking healthy meal the kids and lets users to store or create routine meal plans. And since the image of the cartoon Pear Logo also has a leaf on the upper right side of the icon, Apple has a problem with it.

Now, the company’s co-founder Russell Monson has started campaigning against Apple’s legal battle to save the Pear logo. According to Natalie Monson, another co-founder of Prepear, as they are not restricting their clients from using Apple products and any accusations against them are groundless.
Apple understands the value of a logo, and this is not the first time they are fighting legal battle to safeguard their logo. Earlier also in the year 2019, we have seen Apple objecting to the political symbol of Fremskrittispartiet, the political party of Norway, whose logo closely resembled with Apple’s Logo.

Don’t know if it is Pear or Apple- who will win the legal combat? But one thing surely confirms that Logos are an indispensable part of any brand, helping business to climb the ladder of success.

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