Posted on 16th July, 2020

Amazon Product in Apple Store!

Surprised to read the headline. What am I talking about? Yes! You read it correctly. From now on, expect Amazon’s Eero mesh Wi-Fi in Apple’s online store.

To support your smart home, you need a smart device, and nothing can provide better support than Eero mesh routers, developed by Amazon. But now Apple will be selling it too, where the cost for a single router will be $100, and a pack of 3 will cost you $250.

Mesh routers from leading companies like Netgear and Linksys were already sold in Apple store. It will obviously make you pay more that too if you are going to purchase the entire home bundle.

Apple stopped manufacturing routers a long time back, since the year 2018, which is the reason why they have started selling routers of other brands. So next time don’t get surprised if you find products of other brands sold in Apple Store to accomplish its own products. Again, Apple teaming up with Amazon also shows the cordial relation both the tech giants are having to take technological enhancement one-step ahead.

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