Posted on 24th May, 2019

Ad scams are unknowingly draining your Android phone battery

Scammers are finding ways to poke into the system for gaining money.

It is no more a hidden fact that Google’s annual turnover mostly reflects the amount they earn from the various advertisements it showcases every day, in spite of the multiple services provided by them- be it the search engine or its Android devices.

But what is more problematic is that several ad scammers are finding ways to get into the system and earn revenue fraudulently. Thus, in return users are facing the worst experience while using their Android Phones and their batteries are also draining early.

How does it gain access?
All it begins by skirting into the apps illegally and then silently autoruns the video ads from behind of rightful advertisements before even the user gets an idea about it. Whether the user watches them or not, they are marked as viewed and hefty amounts are charged from the advertisers.

According to the investigation team, the scammers mostly attacked the in-app advertisements that are developed using MoPub advertising platform of Twitter.

Another clever practice done by the scammers is they purchase low-cost banner ads and upload video ads from behind. It also happens that sometimes they upload multiple advertisements lying hidden underneath the main banner ad. If a user clicks on the main ad, the other ads are also marked as viewed.

Such a kind of behaviour is not only detrimental for the users but it also has a visible impact on the device’s battery life.

Such fraudulent activity is a major challenge for the multi-billion dollars digital advertising platform. Almost everyone involved in this chain activity earns money like the network provider and other intermediaries who are not even directly involved with such scams, keeping the brand on a dark side.

Often the Android developers are receiving complains about their apps are gulping down data because of such fraud practices but the reality is something different. Scammer tends to spread a net even before the developers have actually started implementing the process.

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