Posted on 4th June, 2020

A simple text message can hack your iPhone

Even your iPhone has bugs which makes it vulnerable to hacking and can be easily exploited.

All this while we prevented our smartphone from hacking by not clicking any suspicious link or downloading any fraud app. But unfortunately, there are other ways too which expose our phone to several vulnerabilities.

According to Google’s Project Zero researcher, Natalie Silvanovich, Apple’s iMessage has several “interaction-less” bugs that make it easily exploitable by hackers to gain access over it. A simple text message on iMessage can do their work.

The major problem with the Interaction-less bugs lies in the fact that it generates some code that is used by hackers as a weapon to access your phone. Although Apple is working on those bugs to fix them and some of them have been fixed already but again few bugs are there that needs to be patched.

iMessage is undoubtedly a complex platform which contains a wide range of features for easy flow of communication. It includes- sending Emojis, sharing files containing photos and videos and integrate well with other apps too starting from Apple Pay to Airbnb. Such a wide range of features exposes it to several vulnerabilities.

The most interesting bug is the basic logic issue which allows hackers to extract data from by sending a text message. You don’t even need to open the text message to make the attack successful.

iOS is capable of protecting your device from any such malware activities but unfortunately, such underlying logic of the iOS software is not capable of restricting hacker and it considers those messages to be genuine and projected.

According to Silvanovich, such flaws are also present in WhatsApp, Facebook and WebRTC video conferencing practice. This area fails to come under scrutiny for security and hackers try to take advantage of it. Anyhow, as a user you don’t have much to do from your side since you cannot change the code. Only the company can fix the bugs and they are working on these flaws.

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