Posted on 15th February, 2022

A Quick Guide To Content Marketing Vs Branded Content

Having a strong online presence is crucial to your brand or company, and content is key to this. After all, “Content is the king”. Through engaging content, it is actually possible to retain your customers and also attract new ones. Thus, for the sake of brand awareness, content is important.

It is important to choose content very carefully for the promotion of your business. But how can you leverage content to market your business? Is content marketing the right choice for you or content brand marketing? Let’s find all these answers to determine which is better.

Important things to know about content marketing

Let’s check out the following points to have a thorough understanding of Content marketing.

What is Content Marketing:

Content marketing is all about solving the issues of customers. By solving the problems of your customers, you are actually building trust. As a result, content marketing is a process to help your brand gain customer trust.

Benefits of Content marketing:

Following are the benefits you may gain from an effective content marketing:

  • Engage your audience:

If you provide your audience with something relevant and engaging, they are more likely to stay on your website. As a matter of fact, they return to something they find relevant over and over again. Hence, effective content marketing is a key to attracting more customers.

  • Increase the number of social media followers:

Relevant content does not only help in attracting viewers, but also in boosting followers on social media platforms. Having a large number of followers is always a great advantage for promoting your business.

  • Increase conversion rate:

Audiences are always looking for something authentic. You will increase conversion rates if you use original content to promote your business. A higher conversion rate is always beneficial for your business.

  • Improves the visibility of your website:

When you create content, it is vital that you take into account all of the SEO guidelines. Through content marketing, you can increase the visibility of your website. A website with good visibility is more trustworthy to visitors.

  • Build trust:

Content marketing is primarily intended to answer the questions of customers. While doing so you actually gain the trust of your customers organically. This is certainly crucial to making your brand known.

Important things to know about Branded content

Take a look at the following facts to learn everything you need to know about Branded Content.

What is Branded Content:

In simple words, Branded content is a way of highlighting the value of a brand. It is a strategy that is directly associated with the brand. The objective is to build relationships with potential customers. This is not a product marketing process rather it is all about promoting a brand and communicating its message.

Benefits of Branded Content:
Following are the benefits that you may expect from an effective branded content:

  • An easier way to reach customers:

Branded content is actually a content strategy that involves developing an engaging story to promote a brand. Besides being unique, it is definitely a good way to reach out to more customers. In fact, customers are always drawn towards something that is different and unique. Therefore, branded content is an easier method for attracting more customers.

  • Keep your customers happy:

Branded content marketing strategy can be very beneficial to keeping your customers satisfied. Exactly how? As soon as you start marketing your brand, you mention how it is going to solve the issues of your customers. Thus making your customers happy is not a big deal.

Content Marketing VS Branded Content: What are the differences?

Content marketing and branded content strategies are two different things.
Let’s find out the key differences between the two-

  • Storytelling is an important part of branded Content:

Branded content marketing is actually a storytelling strategy. Creating exciting stories to highlight everything about the brand is the content style here. Content marketing includes a certain amount of storytelling, but not the same as branded content. Branded content’s narrative style and presentation are entirely different. The objective of this storytelling is to transfer the reader to another reality. Branded content is useful for establishing a connection between a brand and its customers.

  • Content marketing generates leads:

The goal of content marketing is to keep customers engaged by providing them with relevant content. In other words, it is not conventional advertising. With the help of content, it is a process of persuading customers to buy the product by describing its benefits. You aim to increase sales with content marketing.

  • Branded content makes it easier to reach your goals:

The purpose of marketing is to increase brand awareness and establish brand loyalty. Branded content allows you to reach your goal very quickly and easily. Why? Because branded content only promotes a brand and not just a product. With content marketing, however, you can only gain customer trust and generate more leads. Aside from that, content marketing can increase sales. Hence, if you want to reach your business goal easily, branded content marketing is the best choice for you.

  • Different platforms:

Content marketing lets you promote your content on various social media platforms. Hence, you can share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. This also allows your content to remain on its own platform. The mainstream media can be a useful source of Branded Content marketing. Thus branded content lets you promote your brand on various other platforms. With Branded content, your brand will receive the maximum exposure possible. Although content marketing can also be very effective with the help of a leading branding agency in India.


By now you must have understood how content strategy and branded content works differently after reading the information above.However, a proper strategy is essential for your brand to be exposed to a large number of people. Nonetheless, when it comes to the promotion of your brand, expert advice is certainly helpful. Hence, you must look for companies that offer branding services in India. Let the experts help you decide which is most effective for the promotion of your brand.

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