Posted on 12th August, 2020

Facebook Formed a New Team to Experiment with New Ideas

Your opinion matters to Facebook. This is what continually motivating them to come out with new innovative ideas and thereby introduced a new team to experiment exclusively on this.

Human beings are always curious about quirky things, and the IT giants are continuously experimenting with such things, to come out with something more meaningful and attract new users every day. And Facebook is not an exception to this.

Very recently, Facebook introduced a new segment called the NPE Team, to work exclusively on new innovative thoughts and ideas, and also to observe the reaction of its users at the same time. Presently, the team launched two new apps – the Bump app and the Aux app.

Where the Bump app aims at building new friends through chats, Aux app aims at playing music.

Let’s give some more details.

The Bump app is originally a chat app meaning especially for college-goers, where users can connect through text messages. So, you can’t expect to send videos, images or any links through Bump. So, can also claim it to be a dating app as people will be able to establish a connection only by sharing dialogue. So, undoubtedly your profile picture will matter here, as the best-looking people is sure to receive a maximum response.

However, since users will be chatting in real-time, only one message can be sent at a time and within 30 seconds, they can expect to get the response to continue the conversation. Upon ending the conversation both the users will be asked to confirm if they are willing to chat again in future. Only if both of them agrees, they will be able to chat back again in future.

The Aux app is somewhat similar to which was closed in the year 2013. The basic purpose of Aux app is to give DJ’ing experience to the app’s user virtually. Here, instead of machine learning algorithms users will be creating the playlist.

This app is particularly for school going teenagers who wish to join 9.00 PM party in the app daily. They can choose their favourite music from the library and take the Aux to play the tracks. Every night winner is also chosen depending on the number of claps they received.

Also, don’t get confused with AUX tagline which says “DJ for your School”. As this app is not related to music that is played in school, rather it is for school-goers who can use Aux during the evening time.

Although Bump app is available on both iOS and Android Phone, Aux is currently available only for iOS users. However, long term plans for NPE Team has not yet been unveiled, but if they are of not much help, Facebook may shut them any time.

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