Posted on 27th April, 2020

A happy Calling with Call Joy for small Businesses, by Google

This new virtual customer care phone agent can provide better assistance to the inbound calls

Google is putting extra efforts to manage the inbound calls of a small business with its newest project Call Joy. It includes a combination of different technologies like computer-generated phone numbers, audio records, and automatic analysis of reports so that business owners can manage their calls in a better way.

Call Joy aims at reaching 30.2 million small scale business. Not only that, but it will also block the spam calls, provide basic information to the customers calling over the phone and also provide assistance to the customers by taking appointments or placing an order through SMS. It will direct other calls or queries to the primary business phone number.

Google has made it at quite an affordable rate. The company will be charging a monthly fee of 39$ so that it is within the reach of every small scale business.

This new virtual system will assist your business right from taking up the calls and from greeting your callers to answering the basic queries of your customers’ like- working hours, address. Sometimes, the business receives spam calls and receiving those calls is a waste of time. So, it will also block such calls. Also, it can direct the customer from phone to web services where they can complete their task, they are looking for. Those customers opting for SMS text will receive a message from this virtual assistance where they can find the URL link to be used for taking any kind of bookings or orders.

Are you going to use your land phone to call business? Hold on. Call Joy has a solution for you as well. Your call will be directed to the main business number for further assistance.

Like every customer service software that records the customer’s call for better assistance, after alerting the customers, it will also record your customer’s call only after disclosing it. None of the spammers wants their calls to be recorded, so using Call Joy is a major advantage for the customers.

All the recorded calls are first encrypted and then recorded so that the calls are easily searchable on the dashboard. Recording such calls can help you to do further research and prepare a report so that you can gain in-depth knowledge about your business and find ways to improve it.

Detailed reports related to call volume, peak call hours and a number of returning customers and new customers shall be displayed on the dashboard and you will be receiving email on a daily basis related to it.

Callers will be able to use their landlines, mobile phones, Google Voice lines or any other services for calling this virtual business number. Also, your business will get the virtual number of Call Joy based on your local area code.

But how are you going to start using Call Joy?

Firstly you need to update the new number everywhere, starting from websites, business cards, ads, and Social media and everywhere you showcase your business. Since its number is linked with the local area of your business for other locations you will be charged for the number of connections you will be taking.

Well to start up with it just request for it over the Call Joy homepage, also you can share it with other businesses as way and it will spread to all like this.

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