Posted on 11th January, 2022

A Complete Guide on Real Estate App Development

“Development of a real estate app can successfully underpin the growth and development of a real estate business.”

Exploring Real Estate Avenues

Real estate development is one of the largest and growing industries that connects the buyers and sellers through intermediaries like agents, brokers, etc. Most of this process encompasses a physical visit to each of the potential properties that checks all the boxes in the buyer’s list of requirements. It is a very hectic and a time taking experience for both buyers and sellers.

Visitation to multiple properties each and every single day to find the perfect fit for you is now made easiest with real estate applications. With the shift of the market towards the digital space, why should real estate sit on the backbench?

Real estate businesses have now soared high where buyers and sellers easily connect on apps and check out the property with just a click. This way you can easily analyze the current market scenario, market price, property size, condition, check out the location and the surroundings, etc.

Similarly, real agent agents and brokers also stepped into the digital world to put up the properties online. Now, 90% to 95% of the properties are online. With the introduction of real estate mobile applications, it has brought property search just a touch away. You can easily seek professional help from any mobile app development service in India that will guide and build a top notch real estate app for you.

Different Types of Real Estate Applications

Real estate applications are not for only one kind of user. It has different personas. The user can be a buyer, seller, landlord, renter, agent, broker, homebuyer, realtor, investor, and so on. Therefore, the application must consider all the potential users and focus on their purpose before starting the real estate application development.

There are different types of real estate application custom solutions that are stated below and are widely in use-

1. Application for Real Estate Investors
Such real estate applications are designed especially to coincide with the needs of the people, those who wish to buy real estate properties only as a form of investment. These types of real estate applications are best suited for specific requirements by filtering out the search results. It also helps the real estate investors to carefully monitor on-sale properties and houses.

2. Application for Property Management
Such real estate applications are particularly designed to provide assistance to the real estate agents to manage the properties seamlessly. These types of applications keep a detailed track of all the properties at hand and provide daily insights on the status of a particular property at any given time.

3. Application for Household Management
Such real estate applications will help you to track the current status of the properties like houses, apartments, bungalows and if they are available for renting or selling.

4. Application for Real Estate Agents
Such real estate applications are built to serve the real estate agents. These type of applications facilitate smooth communication between the real estate community and make all the client’s documentation. These applications considerably reduce the paperwork load.

5. Application for Buyers or Renters
Such real estate applications have to filter elaborately that allow people interested in buying or renting properties. For this purpose, you can narrow down the search based on location, state, neighborhood, basic amenities, and other preferred criteria.

6. Application for Property Listings
Such real estate applications provide a detailed listing of the available properties like houses, apartments, buildings, and so on in the market. They also cover the basic information about each and every real estate item in the market.

7. Application for Smart Home Access
Such real estate applications are made to search properties with smart features like a smart house or apartment. They’re now one of the most trendings and demanding real estate properties among the millennials.

A Complete Guide to Develop a Real Estate App

Developing a real estate application is an elongated process. You need to have a clear idea of what should be the purpose of your real application, what should be the features, functionalities, and role of the application.

After sorting that out, you can start outlining your app by inducing some of the most important features as stated below-

1. Onboarding
You can easily start with the sign-up and login process for the users. You can easily integrate your real estate application with social media platforms. This way you can use the social logins and/or allow the usage of phone numbers or email addresses to log in to your app. You can also allow your users to sign in as guests to your application without signing up. This is very beneficial because you can easily get acquainted with the app’s environment and work process before making a solid or informed decision.

2. Customized Accounts/ User Profiles
You need to personalize your accounts according to the needs of the different users like the home buyers, agents, renters, and so on. Therefore the accounts should also be different from one another. Your application should provide all the necessary information to the different personas. Buyers need to be updated on all information in their accounts so that they can get personalized offers that will match their specific needs, requirements, and interests.

Whereas, the real estate agents need to check and update their property listings, descriptions, provide contact details, pictures of the property, and so on in their account. The agents also need access to the database where all the broker’s profiles are updated with their credibility, ratings, and listings.

3. Database & Listings
Then you need to include the database and listings in your real estate application. This is the core feature of the development of the app. This will help you to organize more properties, access them, and put them up for sale. This will also help you to bring success to your real estate app.

4. Real Estate Property Information & Property Profiles
To include the real estate property information or details in a page should be designed to provide adequate information to the other party looking for the same. You need to upload detailed information about the property like description, pictures, location, amenities, etc. which will help the users to have a rough sketch of the estate without a visit.

5. Search Filters & Categories
You also need to include a user-friendly search filter process and categorize each property into proper segments. This is crucial because taking into consideration multiple filters and categories will speed up the process of the perfect search. These advanced filters will narrow down the search process, attract more users (both new and old), make the work easy by fetching the exact result or a more precise one.

6. Call-to action Buttons
You can add a call to action button which will ease out the process of contacting the seller and the buyer directly. This will funnel out by adding a direct call or messaging system in your app. You can contact them through direct calls, callback options, online chat or by adding a book a consultation option in the app.

7. Property Cost Calculators
The property cost calculators might add an extra flavor to your real estate application. They are a very useful addition as you can calculate the total property cost. You can easily ask the developers to add a custom cost and estimation feature, this will show the ultimate cost incurred to buy that property.

8. Push Notifications
Push notifications can also be a great feature to add while developing a real estate application. They prove to be a great way of keeping the users informed about the latest property on the network, providing updates that match their interests, price changes, appointment reminders, and other such things. They are very helpful in keeping the users engaged with your application.

9. Virtual Tour Guide
Real estate applications can also include the virtual tour guide feature. These are the latest trendy features that will help you to take virtual tours of the properties. This way buyers can have a look making it easy for them to analyze the property and make an informed decision from the comfort of their homes. The introduction of the 3D model also helps in visualization providing a life-like experience of the potential property visit to fast track the process.

10. Data Analytics
Data analytics is an important feature that should be included in the real estate application. Any digital asset is incomplete without the best benefits that come from analytics. This feature is very crucial in your app development process because it helps in analyzing all the errors, pitfalls, business processes, growth, issues, and the reason behind each and every one of them stated here. Data analytics is the junction where you can mold your strategic thinking with the statistics provided here. It will ultimately optimize your work, strategy, processes, and services.

11. Short- listings & Favorites
You should add the shortlisting or favorites feature in your real estate application. This will allow the users to save their favorite properties in the shortlist. This will rather speed up the user’s decision-making process as you can see them all in one place. Rather, searching through the whole app, you can just click and see your choices at one place with this feature.

12. Feedback & Ratings
Feedbacks are an important feature that will help you know your position in this competitive market. Ratings are what will determine the success of your real estate application and the business. This is where the users will share their experience using the app. Thereby, providing us with highly valuable information and direct output from the users. This way we can improvise our business operation and services and also make the app a huge success online.


The list of features and functionalities cannot be an endless phenomenon. But here are some of the important aspects of a real estate application that you can include while developing them by hiring a professional like any mobile app development service in India that will make the whole process effective and efficient. However, these above-mentioned features will help you land an app that provides a better user experience and increases your revenue.

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