Posted on 28th June, 2022

8 Steps That Guides The Technical SEO Checklist

Optimized technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) signals your brand’s ability to stay ahead of the competition by boosting rankings, organic traffic inflow, keywords, and increased conversions. It is of utmost importance that every site owner should focus on. 

Here is the list of technical SEO strategies that will guide you and help your digital marketing with some thorough changes.

Checklist For Technical SEO For Optimized Website Performance 

Let’s explore how to follow the checklist for technical SEO for optimized website performance in a very few simple steps.

Refurbish User Experience With Website’s Core Metrics

You must update your website’s experience and measure its performance over time. It is very crucial to keep a close tab on the website’s core metrics to improve its vitals which include the following to look into-

  • Safe browsing experience for both you and your visitor
  • Mobile-friendly user experience
  • Safety and HTTP security 
  • Intrusive interstitial guidelines
  • Fast loading content within 2.5 seconds
  • Visually stable laments on the screen within 1 second
  • Optimizing the formats of the images for your web browsers

Google Search Console can easily measure all these and provide you with some suggestions along with a few extra hands from expert SEO service providers in India.

Be On The Lookout For Crawl Errors

After the website is crawled, the second to look into is to ensure that there are no crawl errors. It usually occurs when any search engine tries to reach for a web page on your website but fails. Many tools and techniques are available to correctly implement all redirects with 301 redirects and go through 4xx and 5xx error pages to figure out which way you want to redirect them. Google Search Console is a big help here for scanning all such crawl errors and thus be on the lookout for any such instances of URL redirects.

Follow A Good & Clean Structure For URLs

Every Uniform Resource Locator (URL) structure should be simple and easily understandable. This will make your website’s content more readable and enhance the user experience.

Complex and long URLs might create issues for crawlers as the Googlebot might be unable to completely index all the content on your website. Unnecessarily too many URLs on your website may seem identical or similar to other content on your website and thus may create the following problems-

  • There are no sorted parameters for the URLs and thus have too many URLs to land on the same page like shopping or cart.
  • Referral parameters are irrelevant in the URLs and should be trimmed for a better and clean URL for the users.

Fix Broken Links

The next thing you need to look into is broken links which are very vital for technical SEO as well as optimized user experience. It is one of the major contributors that might frustrate a visitor if the URL is not working or correct.

You need to ensure that all your links are updated with the target URL or are removed altogether. It is crucial to look into these links that are 301 and 302 which are redirecting to another page, the links that go to the 4XX error page are working, the internal linking structure is deep, and there are no orphaned or unlinked pages.

Eliminate Duplicate Contents

Remove any or all duplicate contents from your website so that your rankings are not hampered. Duplicate content or thin content on your web pages usually seem to occur when-

  • There is any replication of web pages from faceted navigation
  • Having multiple versions of the same website online
  • If there is any copied or scraped content on the site

While indexing, Google will only have one version of your site to index, so you need to look into these areas like setting preferred domain and parameter handling in Google Search Console for better outcomes. You can also implement canonical tags for not indexing duplicate pages and keeping your rank intact.

Ensure Secured Data Flow With HTTPS

The next important thing that you should consider for optimizing your technical SEO is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure HTTPS. HTTPS is a secure communication protocol where all the data is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 

It is one of the most important security protocols for your website and can be determined through a padlock before your website URL. This also eliminates the risk of hacking and avoids any data leak. It is one of the major contributors that affect your website’s ranking factors, especially for Google since 2014. 

Ensure Your Site Has An Optimized XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps should be the next thing on your technical SEO checklist. An XML sitemap is a file that directs the search engines what to index in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

It also ensures that the Google Bots are crawling and indexing the important pages and contents of your site. Additionally, it verifies that the search engines have a better understanding of your website structure for optimizing the user experience overall as well as boosting your rankings. You can optimize your XML sitemap by including a maximum of 200- status URLs and multiple XML sitemaps to maximize your crawl budget

Add Schema Markup

Schema markup is one of the most popular types of structured data used in most enterprises and organizations on their website. is a structured data vocabulary that helps the search engines to get hold of all the data and understand all the information on your site to offer fast and rich results. 

There are different types of schema and each with defined properties to describe your content correctly. It helps Google to crawl better while boosting the user experience. 


We hope that you can lead your business website with optimized technical SEO after going through these steps. You can also reach out to the best SEO service provider in India, Futuristic Bug, for our technical expertise. We can ensure a better user experience and ranking overall for your site. 


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