Posted on 24th March, 2022

7 Essential Elements Of Brand Identity Design

Although brand and branding are connected, there is a difference between the two. Some people also often confuse brand identity with brand logo. To them, brand identity means the brand logo that they find on the various marketing materials brand uses for promotion. Though a brand logo symbolizes a brand, it is not entirely what we call brand identity.

Several other elements that help a brand grow and stay ahead of its competitors, will discuss in this blog. Before that, let’s get a clear idea of brand identity and why it is important for business?

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is how a brand or a company presents itself to the public. It is the face of the brand. It comprises different visual elements like the color, logo, images, jingles, and various designs that help a brand distinguish itself from its competitors and attract potential clients.

Millions of businesses are trying to get fame every day. So, establishing brand identity has been crucial to avoiding competition. And as brand identity is directly related to business success, business needs to understand the essential elements of brand identity.

Now, find the essential elements of Brand identity.

Brand Name

Brand name talks about the business, products, and the various services brand offers, helping customers identify the brand. Choosing a brand name is not easy as it seems to be. Businesses can choose any name for their brand, but that name will do magic only when potential clients can relate the service successfully to the brand.

For example, today, when the general public thinks about scanning and printing a document, the first word that comes to mind is “Xerox.” It is a brand that has successfully established its brand identity through its brand name.

A similar brand reputation is earned by the adhesive bandage company “Band-aid” too. When one gets a finger cut or cut in other areas, ask for a “Band-aid” to cover and protect that area. It is the power of a brand name where a proper noun can transform into a common noun.

Logo Design

We all know a logo is the epitome of any business. Wherever the brand goes to market its products, the logo accompanies the brand. Logos are delicate darlings that the company changes when there is a change in brand mission or brand vision.

Most of the time, we have observed that logos are image-based, but they can be word-based too. Companies like IBM, FedEx have been using their brand name as their logo written in a typical font.

Color Contrast

Color adds value to the different brand elements crafted for brand promotion. Apart from making the elements visually pleasing but also triggers brand recognition in the consumer’s mind.

As every color has its significance, choosing the right color from the color palette that justifies the brand mission and vision is equally important. And brand must incorporate the same color scheme in all the branding elements like logo, graphics, images, and other marketing materials for easy recognition.


Typography is referred to the fonts used in different business elements. Having a pre-chosen set of typography and using the same font in all areas of business content help people remain cohesive to the brand. When they look at the particular font size and style of the business website and other marketing materials like email marketing, business cards, writing pad, billboards, etc, they can identify the brand and business without confusion.

Images and Graphics

Images and graphics include the unique design elements that differentiate the brand from its competitors and help them gain users’ trust, establishing brand credibility. It helps strengthen the brand identity, where people can identify a brand without relying on the brand name.

For example: When you use the logo, a part of graphic design on a letter pad, business card, or for writing official emails, it is easy to gain the user’s trust. If you see the logo design of the brand “Apple”- A half-bitten apple, you can identify the brand name. Today the company no longer needs to use its brand name to promote its product.

However, one can resize or crop the image or graphics according to the material shape and size, maintaining consistency in the design to promote cohesiveness.

Brand Voice

Brand voice doesn’t necessarily mean how a brand name is pronounced or sounds on various marketing platforms. It reflects the tone on which tone the brand communicates with its customers.

For example, the communication tone of a corporate company will be different from the communication content of any educational institution. Even the style of communication of any healthcare industry is different from the fashion industry.

Depending on the products and services, brands or businesses need to frame the content and communicate it uniquely to their potential clients for better acceptance.

Audio Ads/Jingles:

Whether you love them or hate them, jingles, audio ads, or brand taglines have been a part of our culture for almost 100 years. Although not every business has a brand slogan, jingle, or tagline, neither it is compulsory for business, but if used, it becomes an integral part of brand promotion.

The jingle of the famous brand “Boroline”- “Surobhito Antiseptic Cream Boroline ” is always on the list of unforgettable jingles.

McDonald’s: “Ba-da-ba-ba-baaa…I’m lovin it “, KitKat: “Gimme a break…break me off a piece of that KitKat bar! “, not only helped the brand to promote its product but also created a lasting positive impression in consumers’ minds. Engaging jingles can always make a brand touch the skyline.


Hopefully, by now, we have understood the power of brand elements and how it helps in popularizing a brand, building brand identity. But before you start creating the different brand elements, a company or a brand needs to research its customers to have a clear understanding of the type of brand elements that can do justice to the brand or business. For that, experts of the top branding agency can be your help in getting the best design elements you need to brand your products or services in the market.

Are we missing out on something?

In case, we have missed any key elements, do share them with us. We can include the same and help brands get their desired results by keeping their competitors away. Thank You!

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