Posted on 18th November, 2021

5 Latest Web Development Trends That You Can Expect in 2022

You need to follow what’s in trend to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving digital world. As a result, your official business website should embrace some brand-new website development trends. After all, it is your website that helps you target your customers online and boost product sales. Therefore, it is important to have an impactful and trendy website and make your business thrive exponentially.

But the question is, how to build a website that will impress the customers of 2022 and beyond? Continue reading this article to find answers to all such queries. Below we have shared the 5 latest web development trends that you must try to implement on your website to impress your potential customers.

5 current website development trends to follow in 2022

It doesn’t matter what services or products you offer or sell, having a website can always be advantageous for a business to reach a global clientele. However, upgrading your current one or creating a new one will require some brand new features to attract customers.

Let us help you plan a website based on the following 5 trends.

1. PWA or Progressive web apps:

Speeding up your website is not going to remain a hassle from now on with the help of PWS. Yes, and even offline usage of apps is now also possible. These days your website gets maximum numbers of mobile traffic to your website. So, it’s time you consider upgrading the Web applications to guarantee a better user experience. With the help of PWA, it is certainly possible.


Following are the advantages of Progressive web apps(PWA):

  • Simple to set up: It is easy to install because it can be downloaded from any browser. Besides, it is not necessary to download a PWA app to use it as it can be accessed through URLs. It is both trustworthy and flexible for your users.
  • Boosts the efficiency: You can see the difference in your website’s speed. After all, PWA performs flawlessly. As a result of the improved user experience, you should expect a higher rate of customer retention. Customers will regard your website as more credible as a result.
  • Even works when offline: Now your customers can enjoy using your site when they are not even using the internet. This is possible all because of the progressive web apps.
  • No hassles for updates: Whenever anyone opens the app, it is promptly updated. There is no need to install anything else to update these apps.

2. Motion UI:

For 2022 and the upcoming day speed is one of the most important features every visitor would expect. Therefore, this front-end framework can help make your website faster. With the assistance of Motion UI, you can develop a responsive website. Introducing some amazing features to your website is possible if you use Motion UI. What is that? It includes spinning, sliding, and bouncing an element possible. Most interestingly, you can use it anywhere on your website.

The types of Motion UI available:

  • Micro Interaction: In the coming days, it is believed to be one of the most favorable choices for designing a website or app. Animated buttons and switches can be some suitable examples.
  • Exhibiting the state of progress: It’s all about displaying an app’s loading stage. This is a unique and imaginative method to keep users entertained while the app loads further content.
  • Unique data visualization: with the help of Motion UI, it is now possible to display data using various shapes or even colors.

3. AI chatbots:

Including a chatbot on your website will undoubtedly improve the effectiveness of your website as a tool for business growth. After all, it will be of great assistance to all of your consumers. Integrating AI chatbots with your website will undoubtedly provide you with additional benefits.


  • It is possible to provide live communication to the customers via AI chatbots. Therefore, all your customers can easily reach out to you whenever they need to find solutions.
  • Providing 24/7 customer services available. Hence, your customers can get solutions whenever they want or need them.
  • It saves your time by receiving queries when no one is around to entertain the customers. Yes, thus managing multi-task is possible within a limited period.

4. Optimized voice search:

Including this feature will undoubtedly aid in the development of a fantastic and useful website. Customers, of course, aren’t unfamiliar with optimized voice search. However, similar to Alexa or Siri, your website can be a huge draw for millions of customers. Even nowadays, people prefer voice searches. Therefore, if you follow this trend, your website will almost surely rank higher.


  • It accelerates the process of searching for information. Users can expect rapid responses.
  • When products are optimized for voice search, finding them becomes easier and less time-consuming.
  • Customers want an easy-to-navigate website. It becomes much more convenient with optimized voice search.

5. Dark mode:

Even the leading web development company also offering web application development services would suggest using dark mode for your website. Not only does it make your website look attractive, but it also gives a trendy look. Social media platforms like Facebook have already introduced the dark mode.


  • According to various users, dark mode is soothing for their eyes. Hence, turning on the dark mode is always beneficial to get rid of eye strains.
  • For your readers, a dark mode can make the texts more readable. After all, color contrasts always help improve the readability of texts.
  • It also helps get rid of the adverse effects of blue light. This may not be helpful for humans for its harmful effects. But turning on dark mode can help avoid such risks.


Creating a trendy website is unquestionably a game-changer for your business. However, following trends isn’t merely for the sake of catching your audience’s attention. It can also help you improve the services you provide or operate your business more efficiently. So, always maintain updated website, and for that work on the most recent website development trends.

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