Posted on 26th September, 2022

5 Best Graphic Design Software For Perfect Branding

Leveraging the power of graphic design can help any business create a lasting impression in the mind of its customers. Graphic design aids businesses in expressing their products and services creatively and uniquely.

However, only the perfect shape of creative thoughts can help your brand stand out in the virtual realm. And, this has been made possible because of the availability of various graphic design software.

Again, to find a tool that serves your needs and meets your demands, you must choose the right graphic design software. So, here in this blog, we have highlighted some useful graphic design tools used by the proficient graphic designers of the leading branding design agencies in India.

Let’s check them out!

Some Helpful Graphic Design Software

When you start looking for the best graphic design software for your website you will come across a lot of options. Below we have mentioned a few popular names, so take a look.

Adobe Illustrator

For vector drawing and editing, Adobe Illustrator is a must. After all, Adobe has kept itself updated by adding new and effective features to stay competitive. It gives you ample flexibility for creating logos and also for illustrations. Besides, speeding up your workflow is also possible with this adobe illustrator. This software is ideal for windows and iOS. To buy its subscription plan you need to pay $20.99/month.

Once you learn how to handle this tool its interface will seem even more pleasant. It has also allowed customization of the toolbar, which has helped it keep up with the change. Adding variations to the vector lines is now possible as it has added rotate views and a width tool. Most importantly, you will get all the updates of the software automatically.


  • You can count on it when looking for the best vector design tool.
  • It has the best touch type feature and is a less complicated free transform tool.
  • It also has a powerful puppet warp that is helpful for the modification of specific portions of illustrations.



  • It does not offer any perpetual license option
  • The main commands with Photoshop and Indesign are not similar.

Affinity Designer

It is an ideal tool when you don’t want to pay a monthly or yearly subscription bill. Therefore, when looking for a suitable alternative to Adobe Illustrator for Vector design, Affinity Designer is the best choice.

This software also provides some other tools that are not available that tools like Adobe illustrator sometimes don’t also include. You will get access to infinite redos and one million per cent plus zoom. It is also suitable for handling illustrator AI and photoshop PSD files.

You don’t have to pay any subscription fees for using this tool. Besides, getting access to new software updates is not an issue.


  • It is a full-featured and a fast graphic design software
  • A cost-effective tool as there is no requirement for subscription fees
  • It also provides responsive tool interactions.



  • There is no real vector pattern making. However, bitmap patterns can help you manage this.


In case you are looking for a free Vector illustrator, you can pick Inkscape. It’s free software that offers amazing features and a great user base. It is an open-source SVG editor with some additional features like markers, alpha blending, and cloned objects. Moreover, it also provides support for various colour modes. Therefore be it digital or print, you have options for both. Using it, you can also trace bitmap images and also import illustrator files.


  • This is a full-featured and free tool.
  • Inkscape is a cross-platform software.
  • It also has a strong community of users and developers.



  • Its interface visuals require improvements.
  • The text formatting tools of Inkscape are not strong
  • With its illustrator, you may also experience interoperability issues


It is a free tool that leading graphic design service providers prefer as it simplifies the graphic design process. Creating an account on Canva is so easy and also it mainly works either through a web browser or on the apps.

As it is optimized for Chromebooks, handling image-based projects is certainly not a great deal. Moreover, with this tool, you will get more than 250,000 templates. This makes it easy to use, even for users who are new to this platform.


  • Even non-designers can use it to design something unique
  • For creating branded content canvas is ideal as it offers excellent tools and resources
  • It also offers many kinds of app integrations



  • With canvas, you will not get any video or audio calling or screen sharing options.
  • Its video editing options are also not great.

Corel draw

Corel draw is still one of the relevant graphic design software as it has never ceased to upgrade. Thus it will never disappoint you as it offers various latest features which are important for impactful designs.

This software offers two versions, one of which is Corel draw Graphics suite, and the other one was in 2022. The first one is available for a one-off payment and the second one needs a subscription. Buying the latest version is advantageous as it gives access to the latest features like dynamic asset management. It also includes faster adjustments to dockers for editing photos.

To purchase the Corel draw standard, you will need to pay $299. Again for buying CorelDraw Graphics suite 2021, you may need to invest $549.


  • This software is well known for providing professional-level features which are unique.
  • You will also find its interface highly customizable.
  • It also allows subscription and perpetual licenses at a reasonable price range.
  • Users will not find it difficult as they can learn it easily.



  • Users may face ease-of-use concerns while using this tool
  • Users may find compatibility issues with the Extensis suitcase fusion font manager


Finding the right graphic design software is important when you need to stand out from your competitors. However, choosing the right tools means keeping in mind factors that affect your decision. Hopefully, we have highlighted all the points in this article that will help you to make the right decisions. Hopefully, by considering the software, you can get the right pick to portray your brand in the best possible way.

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