Posted on 30th May, 2022

Benefits Of MEAN Stack For Enterprise Web Application Development

MEAN Stack is a language that is used for any web application development for enterprises and other business types. Utilization of this structure makes your approach effective and modern. This structure has gained popularity due to its versatile nature in the development arena. The comprehensive MEAN Stack structure comprises MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.JS, and Node.js respectively.

Ecosystem Of MEAN Stack

The whole structure of MEAN Stack facilitates one-of-a-kind execution of both the client-side and server-side programming language. It makes your web application development more maintainable, dynamic, and robust. The contribution of each element is a lead solution for JavaScript application development for enterprises as their combination provides quick results, boosts mobile searches, and is also durable in the long run.

This stack comprises different collections of documents, unlike in rows or columns. This means that it is an open-source database that uses a document-oriented data model, making this application architecture scalable and fast in handling a large pile of data. Undoubtedly, it is a very efficient, organized, and swift architecture with a fast operation as it uses JavaScript.

The acronym MEAN. JS can be expressed as the combination of the following elements-

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Angular.JS
  • Node.js

All these elements have contributed to the success of the enterprise application development process by refining the quality, effectiveness, and interaction between you and your users.

Major Influence Of MEAN Stack Architecture In Web App Development Process

The MEAN Stack Architecture works in the following phases, step by step-

  • Firstly, AngularJS starts working on a request whenever the user makes one. It processes this request based on the client-side language.
  • Secondly, the application then proceeds to Node.js where the requests are processed as a server-side language.
  • Thirdly, it moves to ExpressJS where the request is made.
  • Fourthly, MongoDB retrieves the entire data before returning the response to ExpressJS.
  • The data received by ExpressJS is then passed onto Node.js.
  • Lastly, the final response is returned to AngularJS.

The whole process summed above makes the web application development process foolproof and efficient.

Here are some of the advantages of implementing the MEAN Stack approach in your web application development-

Renders Isomorphic Coding

Isomorphic coding is often referred to as the universal language framework of both the client-side and server-side language code used in any web application at an enterprise level. Isomorphic coding offers an easier and smoother transfer of code exchanges than is in JavaScript because of the enhanced use of Node.js. This way developers can easily markup templates which simplifies the web application development process easily.

In the long run, it gives your website or web application a technological advantage and thus makes it more maintainable. Developers can even learn the language and develop your application from scratch.


The MEAN Stack structure is highly flexible technologically because of the use of MongoDB in it. In this structure, the developers can test the application using the cloud platform. You can even work the entire process on the cloud to develop, test, and introduce the application with a stronger stand and fewer glitches.

Additionally, any individual can add additional information, even if the same person has already added a field in the form. This, therefore, supports automatic replication of data and comprehensively supports all types of data in the web application.

Cost-Effectiveness & Cloud Platform Compatibility

MEAN stack is also used majorly for its cost-effective application in comparison with the LAMP Stack. The number of developers required in MEAN Stack is lesser than in LAMP Stack. Additionally, these developers need to be proficient in other coding languages like MySQL, and PHP other than JavaScript. Thereby, it saves a lot of investment for the enterprise during the development of their web application or website.

On the other hand, the use of cloud functionalities in this structure reduces the disk space cost. This makes the utilization of public repositories and libraries in the development. Overall reduces the web application development cost and makes it a budget-friendly choice for enterprises.


The use of Node.js in this stack enhances the reusability of the web application. Node.js does not have the blocking architecture making the web application becomes reusable with excellent speed. Furthermore, the use of Angular.js in this web application structure makes it an open-source framework that you can develop, test, maintain and reuse at your convenience.


The MEAN Stack architecture is a unique scalable structure that can manage and organize large volumes of data at once. Therefore, it makes it the ideal choice for most web application development service providers not only in India but everywhere else to use the MEAN Stack structure for fast and scalable performance.

As it functions using JavaScript as the main coding language, it is beneficial for all. This way it does not need to be compiled before being executed, unlike other coding languages. The developers can write small scripts, which are much faster, therefore speeding up the whole application development process.


MEAN Stack structure has a major influence on the web application development process due to the benefits explained above. To wrap it up, we can say MEAN Stack has a major influence on the development of a web application for all enterprises-

  • Cross-platform databases for handling a large volume of data.
  • Lightweight enhances high speed and scalability.
  • Can be developed from both front-end and back-end.
  • The universal use of JavaScript in the whole process.
  • Profitable in the log-run for reusability.
  • All MEAN stack components are free, so the codes can be customized easily.
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