Posted on 9th May, 2022

10 Great Places To Position Your Brand Logo

“The scalable pictorial representation of your business/brand is portrayed through a logo design that is authentic to that brand/business only.”

After commemorating the successful creation of your brand/business logo, you need to find different mediums where you can put your logo. These very platforms or mediums help to convey your brand vision, offer services, and mold the consumer’s mind about your business.

Various Mediums Where Business Heads Can Place Their Logo

After getting ready with your brand’s visual identity, all you need are different places to position the logo and start your online journey.

Here is the detailed checklist of putting your logo in different spots to induce maximum brand promotion.

Business Websites & Blogs

Whenever there is mention of anything, the first instinct of any user or customer, is to search it on the internet. The same applies when it comes to your business or brand. When you put up your brand logo in the website’s header or the blog, it makes it more prominent for the audience to come across it.

Logos are usually very distinctly visible at the top of every page. It automatically grabs the attention of the website visitors and encourages them to stay longer on the website. Thus, the logo in the header has the strategic advantage of getting it locked in the user’s mind. This way your branding makes a visual pathway for the user to know you. Even business card design service providers implement the same strategy while printing the logo on the business cards.


Leaflets are a very informative promotional tool with your logo on them. Unlike business cards or promotional merchandise, they are more effective to let your audience know about your product/service. They are a spacious tool to use but be sure that your brand logo is positioned correctly. The leaflets are printed out and distributed among people to make them aware of a business or a brand directly. They are more impromptu in making a connection with the clients and are still in use.

Business Cards

One of the most important means to promote your business and brand is offering business cards to your potential customers or target audience. When you are distributing the business cards – you are creating your business network. They are very small pieces of cards but with your logo on them – it is the most traditional marketing tool that ever existed.

The placement of the logo bridges the gap between you and your target market. They can easily remember you creating a scope of sales. It signifies your brand identity, product and services offered valued over time to instigate a future purchase.

Product & Packaging

A product packaging that creates an impression on your audience is the first thing about how to deliver the product to the client. To make a statement with your logo o it, so that customers can browse through the whole packaging and know it’s you. The details on your product packaging matter – the logo, the overall look, the message you want to convey: when your customers open the product.

A creative product packaging with all the impressive visual elements makes the experience of going through a new product exciting. The logo on the product or the packaging is the strategic approach to enhance the customer experience. This immediately establishes a connection between your brand and the audience.

Advertisement Banners, Signs, and Hoardings

Any kind of banner, hoarding, signs, etc should always have your branding. This creates a hustle in the market as well as stirs your brand’s name along with it.

Whenever anyone comes across your outdoor advertisement, the logo catches immediate attention. Therefore, the audience becomes inclined with your brand and gets to know your product/service.

Company Forms

Any type of business form you are sending to your customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, agents, etc- the logo catches immediate attention. All the billables should have your logo on them as it adds a layer of professional overall outlook as well as helps external parties to establish trust.

Whenever any party checks out your order receipts, issue forms, invoices, bills, challans, etc – a sense of loyalty is stirred in them. It creates reassurance by humbly maintaining a positive business relationship and brand image in the market.

Social Media Outlets

The usage of logos and other branding elements on social media platforms is a great way to make an impressionable social media presence. Just ensure that your logo is aligned with the social media sizing categories.

The most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer prominent space to put up your business logo. The logo space is large, clear, and prominent with a separate branded header for your target audience.

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise is gift items handed out to the people to advertise your product/service at large. Promotional giveaways are a way to attract your audience to engage with your brand. Additionally, they have the very potential to create awareness, target a large number of people and establish connections at large.

Promotional items include t-shirts, flags, pens, keychains, toys, water bottles, bags, cases, ugs, etc which naturally incorporate your brand name on them. Be sure that your logo is consistent and clear each time. Though you can resize it according to the merchandise but preserve its quality.

Office Apparels

Business stationeries or apparel with your brand/business logo quite qualify as a very clever way of marketing with added professionalism. Business logos on stationeries like office t-shirts, mugs, diaries, pens, bottles, keychains, invoices, newsletters, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, etc are sophisticated branding. This type of branded stationeries and other office apparel continuously displays your brand message. This conveys an underlying message for the target audience to know about it by checking it out.

Thus seeing the logo on it simply smoothens the connection and makes them more receptive to the brand message.

Business Vehicles

A business vehicle wrapped with logos and other branding elements makes it very distinguishable on the road. This type of outdoor marketing is seen to be quite influential and prompts viewers to learn more about your product/services. Branded vehicles grab the immediate attention of the people and convert your company vehicle into a moving advertisement. Apply bold colors, graphics, large logos, and taglines, so that all eyes are on your business vehicle- move to make an impression!


Just remember that your logo designs should be consistent, memorable, professional, and clarified with your brand message. Sometimes graphic designs, mascots, or other visual elements add a layer of authenticity as well as give a creative and innovative outlook. You can get in touch with Futuristic Bug, the best logo design company in India, to know the ropes of branding and understand which place is the best to position your brand logo.

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