Posted on 13th June, 2022

Mobile App Testing Tools: 10 Best Choices

The testing phase is an integral part of any app development process. It ensures that the mobile application is completely bug-free. However, the manual testing of the apps can be time-consuming and may not be completely accurate. So, it is always advisable to conduct automated mobile application testing.

Nowadays, multiple app testing tools are available for testing mobile apps that can help speed up the app testing process with accurate results. In this blog, we have discussed 10 such mobile app testing tools that are popular among the best app development companies like Futuristic Bug. So, keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Using Mobile App Testing Tool

App testing tools are preferred by the leading mobile app development companies, like Futuristic Bug for myriad advantages.

Take a look at a few of the benefits of implementing app testing tools listed below.

  • Automated testing: Automated testing tools speed the mobile app development process. It streamlines the entire app testing process while also making bug detection simple. As a result, automated testing has grown in popularity.
  • Cross-platform testing is now possible: App testing solutions eliminate the need to test on a variety of devices and operating systems. Within a short period, mobile app testing tools can help you test your app for several situations in various conditions.
  • Checking the compatibility of hardware: Before releasing your mobile app, make sure it works with all of the sensors that are typically available on the target device. With app testing tools it becomes possible and easier.

The Top 10 mobile App Testing Tools

Let’s take a look at the top ten mobile app testing tools that can assist you in developing a high-quality, impactful app.

1. Appium:

This testing tool is used by many experts from leading companies that provide mobile app development services, as it is considered one of the best app testing tools. Not just for mobile app testing, this tool is also helpful for web testing. This is indeed the best tool for testing a hybrid app.


Let’s now see the benefits of using Appium for testing your mobile app.

  • Using Appium to test your app, you won’t have to change any of the code because it works with both Android and iOS platforms.
  • For writing the test code you can use web-driver compatible languages such as Java, JavaScript, etc.
  • You can choose any testing framework of your choice.
  • You don’t need to download anything to utilize this tool.
  • Java and Appium can be easily blended with other technologies.

2. Espresso:

This Android studio-integrated testing tool was created by Google. Espresso is an excellent choice if you need to test a native application. Its simple API can be molded easily. It creates tests with programming languages such as Kotlin and Java. This tool can also be used on real devices and emulators to have a better understanding of the development. It eliminates the need to create extensive codes because it has an incorporated test recorder that allows the entire test to be recorded.

3. TestProject:

It is another alternative for you if you want to test any Android or iOS app on any operating system with ease. This is the world’s first community-powered cloud-based test automation platform and app testing tool. You may quickly create coded tests utilizing its robust SDK, as well as take advantage of its advanced built-in recording features, all of which are available for free.


The benefits of utilizing TestProject to test your mobile app are as follows.

  • Using this platform does not necessitate a complex setup.
  • No prior coding experience is required to get started with this platform.
  • You’ll also get a dashboard with a complete report.

4. Test IO:

Test IO will help you figure out if your business app runs well across all platforms. This tool is essential for identifying any internal flaws so that you can launch a bug-free app. Furthermore, it is a smart tool with customizable testing procedures that are ideal for multiple client needs. Test IO is exactly what you’re searching for if you need to acquire testing results

5. TestGrid:

It provides you with both manual and automated testing alternatives. It’s a scriptless mobile app automation testing tool that can generate Appium and XCUI Test code that you can download. For app testing, this tool is accessible both on-cloud and on-premise.


Take a look at the benefits of using TestGrid for testing your mobile app.

  • No prior knowledge of programming languages is required to utilize this tool.
  • Instead of recreating various test cases, practically all of the tests may be reused on multiple versions of the app as well as on other apps.
  • You may start using this tool right away with the free version. Upgrades to the premium plans can also be made later.

6. Kobiton:

This cloud platform lets real devices or emulators execute automatic or manual tests on any software, regardless of the operating system. It works nicely with any of the native apps, Android apps, or iOS apps. Kobiton also facilitates script tweaks for accurate results.


The following are some advantages of utilizing Kobiton to test your app.

  • It offers a centralized testing history and data logs.
  • It has simplified the user experience to speed up the test sessions.
  • It is compatible with Appium 1.6.4.

7. XCUI Test:

This testing tool is appropriate for iOS apps. It’s an easy-to-use testing tool for obtaining valid results. Moreover, a great help for identifying and correcting internal flaws. Furthermore, the framework works in tandem with recorder tools. Therefore there is no need to write codes which is a great relief for the testers.

8. Robotium:

It is the best solution for testing your Android app in an automated testing environment. This tool is unquestionably great for black-box testing. The programming language used to generate the test scripts is primarily JavaScript. Furthermore, the Android SDK is critical for the smooth operation of the tool.

9. Perfecto:

Perfecto is another tool that can assist you in preparing your mobile app for a mobile-first environment. It uses superior analytics to provide faster feedback and improvements. It also features a single cloud platform for testing web and mobile apps.

10. Ranorex Studio:

If you’re a complete beginner with no prior coding experience, this tool will come in handy. You will undoubtedly receive comprehensive testing aid if you utilize an IDE. Android and native apps, as well as iOS apps, are all possible for testing with the help of this tool. It can also be combined with other tools like Jenkin, Jira, and others.


Finding the correct testing tool will ensure that you launch a bug-free app. So, try considering the tools shared in this article, and build a user-friendly app for your clients.

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